In which I am obsessed with someone else's Amazon reviews
  1. It started with me looking into reading Bluets, which every young angsty-yet-socially-aware public figure is doing these days
    That I'm reading it as socially-stunted, mid-to-late 30-something is irrelevant
  2. I looked at the reviews, and one by a "Young Fran" caught my eye
    We have the same name
  3. Static
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  5. Static
  6. This review spoke to me
  7. So personal, with the anecdotal flare of a J. Peterman catalog!
  8. Check out this review she wrote for this lip balm
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. It made me want the lipstick
    It's like $45 tho, and not Prime
  12. Is it weird to be so moved by a stranger's Amazon reviews?
    Wolf shirt jokes aside
  13. Young Fran has not written an Amazon review since 2014
    I wonder what she's up to
  14. She's probably still in her 20s. Is she still in art school? Is she wearing the same lip balm?
  15. She'd be great on
  16. Young Fran, if you're out there, yourself!