Peggy Sue Got Married Style: my adult brain, with all the knowledge of past experiences, is inexplicably planted back into my teenage body and time period. I think about this a lot.
  1. That friend of mine I spent unrequietedly crushing on during high school and the better part of college? I would not have befriended him in the first place.
    Colossal waste of my youth. Missed out on other aspects of life because I spent so much time obsessing over one guy. I persisted with the friendship, feeling that it was better than nothing, but in retrospect, not worth it. He continues to be my friend to this day, which is fine. But could I have been better off without dealing with him at all? Undoubtedly.
  2. I would have submerged myself in 90s culture and dress
    Not that I didn't. But I lived through a golden era of flannel and goth/grunge chic, and I would totally take advantage of this much more! This would be the only appropriete time in my life to wear floral Doc Martens!
  3. I would ace my drivers license test
    And that neanderthal Drivers ed teacher with no neck who called me the worst driver he ever saw could suck it!
  4. I would've joined the school newspaper instead of the school yearbook
    It's a personality thing. I think the paper would have been less personal drama and more fun.
  5. I would do more extracurriculars
    Not for college or anything, but to Max Fischer up the joint!
  6. I'd spend time with friends whom I've lost contact with, and family who are gone
    Self-explanatory 😔
  7. I would not waste my time with AP American History
    I was terrible at it, and it was not integral to my career path. I got a 2 on the AP test. And it put me off history for years.
  8. I would have gone to a different college
    I did not have the best college years. In my adulthood, I've visited many college campuses that would have been better fits for me.
  9. I would have eaten more pizza puffs
    These were found only at the school cafeteria and a local restaurant called Tasty Dog, which shut down. I have yet to find another source of the pizza puff.