1. I worked the weekend but have Labor Day off
    Not ideal but I'll take it
  2. My blanket is so comfortable
    It's made out of genuine muppet fur
  3. I have a bonus emoji pillow
  4. I just spent $60 on various skin care products on Amazon
    I'm suddenly oily and breaking out. Is it the weather change? Does this just happen?
  5. It's a toss-up for whether my hunger will overcome my sloth and get me out of bed
    New thought...food at bedside 🤔
  6. In any case, I plan to return to bed if left, and spend much of the day there
    what daughters?
  7. Reading Hamilton
    Page 567/731. Getting there!
  8. Reading Between the World and Me
  9. And Li.sting
    So many drafts deferrred 📂📂
  10. I'm plotting li.st strategems
    Li.st 100 on my Anniversary of joining? This list will be #98 and I joined 10/15/15. I don't think I can hold off. Maybe I'll delete less-loved lists.
  11. I'm almost there with joining Snapchat
    Back in my day, If you took a selfie, it laasted!
  12. Happy Labor Day all!