Inspired by @kate81 and @marceline and @Lisa_Fav
  1. Happy anniversary of your public launch,!
  2. Happy Li.staversary fellow Γ 's!
  3. I downloaded the app on 10/14/15 and published my first list on 10/15/15
  4. I think I came into my own with this list:
  5. I started using List to follow celebrities, but when I found they didn't list regularly, I stayed for the community ❤️
  6. I will say on Facebook people know me, but on people *get* me
    Or rather, I *get* you guys, you beautiful souls
  7. Remember when we were worried it would get too mainstream? 😂
    "There goes the community!" we'd say every time BJ would go on an interview.
  8. I was there when it was The List App and not "Li dot sst"
    Like how Faceboook was The Facebook
  9. I was there for the en-biggening of text when we all thought we'd die
    Remember how the script used to be so tiny??
  10. I was there for the loss of ALL CAPS TITLES when we all thought we'd die
    But then I learned how to properly capitalize in titles again like a big girl
  11. I was there with the dawning of GIFs
    A valid form of expression to this day!
  12. And the dawning of captions
    Shout out to @BWN_7 's list New Tag Lines For
  13. I hit my 💯 th list on 9/7/16
  14. I was there when ChrisK fostered us (Secret Santa, Daily List Prompts, Book-o-Ganza)...then abandoned us (boo!)...then came back (yaay!)...then was kind of a jerk (BlockGate 2016)...then left again (but this time we're ok with it)
    Ever read Go Set A Watchman? It's like that. (Please don't block me from beyond)
  15. I was there for the rise and falls of @BookClub, List Assist (@Peace_Out_List ), @ReadingChallenge
    Imagine me tipping out a 40 oz
  16. I Secret Santa gave and received with @eijafayaya and @simplyshelli
  17. I @talor book swapped with @jaderyan21
    Night Circus was soooo good! Book Swap Lives On!
  18. I @amieshmamie College Care-packaged @feminist
  19. I miss @biz 🌹
    I like to think when we tag her she gets it
  20. And all in all, I can't believe how much has influenced my life.
    The books I read, the shows I watch, the podcasts I pod. My emoji use alone has increased by 70%
  21. It's been a great year. I'm looking forward to the next! 😊