Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I grew up during the "Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark" era.
  2. In 4th grade there was a urban legend that if you stood in front of a mirror in the dark and sang "Bloody Mary" to the tune of "The Twilight Zone" a ghost would appear in the mirror.
  3. Other freaky things could happen too, if you coudn't flip the lights back on in time...
  4. Your eyes could turn bloodshot...
  5. She could break out of the mirror and strangle you...
  6. This was a thing 4th grade girls did in the bathroom at school 🙄
  7. I did it once with my then-best-friend Becky, right before summer vacation.
  8. She sang, and we watched the mirror closely
  9. If you stare long enough at a mirror in the dark, you can see anything
  10. Especially if you don't blink for awhile
  11. We saw a soft green halo-like light develop around her head
  12. Later on, we thought we saw unexplained scratches on her neck.
  13. It freaked me out, and consumed my thoughts the whole summer break.
  14. My bedroom adjoined the bathroom. The lights in the bathroom had to be on all night.
  15. My mom perpetuated my anxieties by telling me one night she thought she saw something floating in the trees (thanks Mom!)
  16. When I saw my friend Becky as school started up again, I asked, "How was your summer? Did you have any Bloody Mary situations??"
  17. And she was like, "Uhhh, no. I kind of forgot about it. I guess if you don't think about it, she doesn't get to you."
  18. Right. Cool cool cool.
  19. To this day I need lights full on when I go to the bathroom at night 😕