I'm not sure where @talor went, but I wish her well and thank her for setting up the li.st book swap!
  1. I was paired with @jaderyan21 and she sent me Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  2. The book came with a friendly note and a Harry Potter button!
    Jade is a librarian and self-professed Harry Potter nerd. This means I lucked out in her book pics for me. But in return, coming up with books to give a librarian is intimidating 😳
  3. The book arrived a week ago, which was good timing. I had had just finished The Cursed Child, and needed something else to temper my forever-project of Chernow's Hamilton.
    Slow but steady on page 464/731 😣
  4. I wanted to wait until I finished the book to li.st about it, but I couldn't wait to share!!
    It's spectacular so far! I highly recommend!!
  5. Night Circus is a fantasy tale about two young magicians named Marco and Celia who are trained to be pitted against each other by their "guardians"
    "Guardians" is in quotes because they are not great guardians. Marco is "adopted" out of an orphanage for the sole purpose of being trained to duel. Celia's father is verbally and physically abusive.
  6. The duels consist of displaying and besting each other's feats of illusion, not like, physically maiming each other.
    At least...not yet...?
  7. The setting of their magical skills is this fantastic traveling circus
    Hence, Night Circus. Apart from Celia and Marco, the Circus has a magical air of its own.
  8. I was immediately engrossed with this book as I started
    Here's a passage that especially had me hooked.
  9. And I'm currently in the middle and absolutely loving it! 😍
  10. I've grown to care for both Marco and Celia and hope the duel ends in some sort of draw.
    A happy draw? A love draw? Please??
  11. The narration flits forward and back in time slightly, and changes narrative points of views; but in a very natural way.
    There's even passages in second-person narrative, as if you were wandering thru the Circus yourself.
  12. I don't think I'm doing the book justice, so here are some compelling passages presented without comment:
  13. Static
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  16. I'll update when I'm finished. I hope I'm enchanted until the very end!
  17. I love this book swap project. I love that I get to discover a book I otherwise would never have encountered if left to my own book selection devices.
  18. Hope everyone else's swaps are going well!
  19. Thank you @jaderyan21 for a wonderful pick. I hope you like my pick for you! 😊