1. I have been hanging back, kind of in list block since the new update eliminated drafting
  2. Like others, not being able to save and return to something I wrote is a big upset to how I write
  3. I see some of the best minds dropping off list because of it
  4. And I've kind of been in list shock...like where to go from here
  5. I'm not innately a creature of change
  6. I remember when we Meyers-Brigged the list community, and there was a high proportion of INFJs
    We marvelled at that...but now I think it says something about how similar-minded people gravitated to this space. I wonder if not accepting chance is a common feeling we have
  7. It seems every list update takes an blow on the community, where I fear the community will be lost
  8. I'm hoping that the majority of people whose lists I've enjoyed, and who have liked my list existence, stick around
  9. So, though I initially hate change, I will Adapt Adjust and Move On
  10. Adapt Adjust Move On
  11. How will I fucntion in this space?
  12. 1. With the loss of saving drafts, It's All About the Now
    I will publish less polished lists, which ultimately will be shorter and spur of the moment. I guess Updating will be key. So make lists update-able. Like, the saving to drafts is more of a publish and update...so the saving part is public. 👈This is me thinking out loud, something you wouldn't have to see if I could draft something. But now I publish it out of the fear of losing an idea that needs to be shared.
  13. 2. I fear the loss of the community
    I will be actively looking up listers I follow and liking lists ❤️. Don't freak out at my stalky-stalkerson likes! I need to feel connected.
  14. 3. I need to publish lists before I tire/get bored of them
    This could be the bulk of my drafts
  15. 4. I need to crank out lists before I get interrupted by one of my kids, or life in general
  16. 5. As protest, I will publish all my pre-existing drafts
    Again these will be less polished, but out there
  17. 6. As protest, I will republish lists I've write
    Saving my drafts let me hone and perfect my work. If I can't do this, I feel off. I need to be proud of what I've accomplished. Republished lists will have the re-qualifier "re-publish." Until they take the Update function away, I will use it in a way they didn't intend it to be used.