1. Static
  2. Sun Gear
    I do not have special glasses
  3. 1:00 pm
  4. Testing various hole sizes
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. 2:54 pm- In retrospect- the pinhole-sized hole. I am learning a lot today.
  9. Playlist
    As suggested by Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson in his twitter.
  10. 1:19 pm- No Clouds, noo!
  11. 2:10- I think I've convinced myself that's penumbra and not clouds...
  12. 2:19- Upon closer inspection...those were clouds 😩
    Lesson learned: cannot capture eclipse with a mere iphone camera
  13. 2:22- point of maximum eclipse...ok, I can't quite capture it, but it just feels like it's daytime but things are backlit in an odd way?
  14. 2:23- proof by pinhole in notecard
    See how it's slightly crescent shaped?! I've lived to tell the tale!
  15. 2:55 pm- reminiscing. My last solar eclipse, I was 13-ish, in jr. high. We were out on the blacktop (that's what you call a playground without equipment bc at that age you're too old for equipment, and the populars play kickball and the unathletic sit on the sides). Black Hole Sun had just come out and everyone was singing it.
    This one girl had the special glasses from the Planetarium and everyone was begging her for a turn but she said no because she was afraid there was a scratch in it and it would make everyone blind. 🕶
  16. 3:07- I bore you with another notecard pic.
    I think my eyesight is improved, just temporarily stunted by staring at bright notecards, and not the sun!