inspired/requested by @nathanveshecco , a late entry but too fun to pass up! 😊
  1. I would be 17, in 1998
  2. It was the best time to be an angsty teen!
  3. Flannel was all the rage
    There was an art to selecting the perfect shirt. Channel Kurt Cobain, but dial down the lumberjack
  4. and Doc Martens
    I nearly died breaking in a pair on the streets of NYC
  5. Raise your hand if pulled an Angela Chase by dancing to Blister in the Sun to "get over" someone!
  6. I was reading Beloved in high school English
    Is this still a thing?
  7. ...and The Sandman for fun
  8. Fiona Apple was coming onto the scene
    She was our Adele
  9. I owned a Dell computer
    Top of the line to dial into AOL