toot toot! 🎺= my own horn
  1. Hey! I joined list in October 2015 when it was first launched publicly
    It has been coined a Γ li.ster, or a "gamma" if you will
  2. But I have not been as prolific as other gammas, so it has taken me close to a year to reach my 100th list
  3. I contemplated saving my 💯 for the anniversary of the day I joined = 10/15/2016 but that would mean waiting over a month to write!
  4. we are.
  5. Highlights!
  6. Static
    Lyrics from The Soft Parade. I'm thinking of cross-stitching this out on a pillow someday.
  7. Doesn't need to happen, but nice when it happens.
  8. My highest list moment IMHO: When there was Book Club and the Author of Fates & Furies liked my list about Fates & Furies 😊 FATES AND FURIES WEEK 1: AN EXERCISE IN BRACKET ASIDES
    There was no more book club after Fates & Furies. Do you think it was created by L. Groff so we'd read her book? 😛
  9. List that I spent a crapload of time on that was not worth it: DUM...DUM-DUM! LIVE LIST-APPING THAT ONE JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT COMMERCIAL
    I took screen shots of a youtube video to painstakingly craft this list...and got one like. 🙄
  10. List that I spent a crapload of time on that WAS worth it: Anyone Remember Old School Degrassi?
    I stayed up late one nite creating it. Guess there are just no old school Degrassi fans out there. But I liked doing it and was proud of the end result! So really. Ya gotta for you.
  11. A Gilmore Girls List I wrote prior to the second coming of Gilmore Girls: A GILMORE GIRLS LIST- WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WINTER IS DEPICTED ON A HOLLYWOOD SET
  12. A list where I broke character and li.sted about work: I Didn't Go Thru 10+ Years of Training to Be a Doctor To Be Called:
    Well received.
  13. I would like to use this gif but have no context for it:
    So why not chuck it in here to celebrate list 💯?? Oh please don't block me.
  14. Thank you and community for being swell! To the next 100 lists!! 🍻