Inspired by @BWN_7 Late to the game, but I still wanna play! 😀
  1. So, I'm Asian...
  2. For reference, me:
  3. And as a lot of lists have pointed out, not a tremendous amount of options to dopplegäng for Asian women in American pop culture
  4. Plus, we all look alike
    (I can say it, I'm Asian)
  5. So I could list the usuals
  6. Or I could throw in a plug for a personal hero of mine
  7. Charlyne Yi!
    Of Knocked Up, Paper Heart, and House fame
  8. She's not your typical actor
  9. I think Hollywood has limitations for Asian women actors...
  10. Sometimes, they don't even bother to employ them
    Allison Ng, everybody.
  11. But if they do take the trouble, there's a certain "demure" stereotype to overcome
  12. So we may overcompensate...
  13. Like this
  14. Or like this
  15. But Charlyne Yi is herself. She shows that an Asian woman can be funny, goofy
  16. And, she wears glasses-down-her face like an aesthetic rather than a flaw
    Many Asians, because of our nose shapes, need nose pads on our glasses so they stay in the general region of our eyes. This can limit our eyewear options. But Charlyne unapologetically rocks nose-padless glasses! Look! They're nowhere near her eyes!
  17. I recommend watching Paper Heart, a great work, that captures her in full glory
  18. In conclusion, I'd be honored to look like such a cool celeb 😊