Inspired by @gd3
  1. What prompted you to join List?
    I followed BJ Novak on Twitter and Instagram and last October he said he had a special announcement. Feeling that he produced quality work that had not let me down in the past, I downloaded it. I started using it just to follow celebrities, like how I use twitter. The cool part is that it turned into so much more beyond following celebrities; a community and a form of self-expression, which I never would have anticipated happening.
  2. How do you navigate?
    Notifications on, a smattering of specific notifications on people (I'll never tell who 😌), and periodically checking...nay, constantly checking thru the day.
  3. What has been your favorite update on List?
    I don't use it much at all, but the option of adding captions to pics.
  4. What is the one thing you wish would be in the next release?
    Pertinent: if someone creates a list of questions, a way to save it to an editable template so you don't have to retype out the questions. I took a screenshot of this list to refer back to for typing out the questions. Is there an easier way to do this?
  5. Do you have a List persona?
    I keep things light. I list more about pop culture than anything else and don't list about my job. I try to stay impartial but do have opinions on things. I tend to keep those opinions to myself but respect people who voice them, and respect hearing opinions that differ from mine.
  6. Sshhhh! How many active list accounts do you operate?
    1. But now I'm tempted...
  7. What makes List fun for you?
    Finding out about books/shows/media/music/podcasts/art/games/products people have loved, trying them out and loving them myself.
  8. However what makes it challenging at times?
    Letting a title wave pass over me because of the feeling that it's too late, or that I'm not adding anything very original. Feeling jealous, rather than inspired, of other people's innovation. That's a personal mountain I must scale.
  9. In that line of thinking, what was the most fun experience you had associated with List?
    I loved @BookClub. I loved everyone reading a book at the same time and listing about it.
  10. Comeback!!! Who is someone you wish would return to List?
    @talor was a wonderful presence. And @NotAWitchDoctor though I respect her reasons.
  11. Do you have a list that you still scratch your head over as to why it may not have got attention it deserved?
    I Just Can't Do Elevator Banter Today A one-act play. Maybe too snarky?
  12. What was your favorite List so far that you created? And why?
    EVOLUTION OF BRET MICHAELS TV SHOWS My second list. It was a tweet I had come up with maybe a year before existed and I was excited that there was finally a proper forum for it!!