Inspired by @ListPrompts. I technically don't have one big story, but rather a list of what seem like petty rantings of innocuous things...until you live with them for a couple of years. What can I say; some people just can't live with others 😉
  1. We split on ordering pizza and she would eat half and I would eat less than half and she would scavenge my leftovers. Those were technically my leftovers.
  2. She would spray this "sea breeze" room spray in the bathroom after she pooped and I grew to associate the sea breeze smell with poop.
  3. When we watched a sitcom she would always look at me and laugh after a joke. Once i tried to hide behind an cup on the table so she wouldn't look at me, and she said "Where are you?" and moved the cup.
  4. She reheated leftover pizza once in the microwave and took it straight from the microwave to her mouth. Like, there was no interim plate period.
  5. She once came home during the last 2 minutes of a Friends episode and asked why everyone was doing what they were. Yes let me explain the entire plot of the episode during the last crucial minutes.
  6. She would point out implausible issues with Simpsons episodes, when I feel that as a cartoon, it can afford some suspension of disbelief
  7. Her friend would come over and they would make "Chinese chicken salad," which consisted of fashioning croutons out of crumbled, uncooked Ramen
  8. She said she couldn't possibly have a birhday party because she had way too many friends to invite. I think she invented humblebrag.
  9. She took chemistry 101 a year before me, and when I asked for help on a problem, she looked at it and said she couldn't possibly explain it to me because she "knew too much."
  10. When she ate, she would often sing "yum yum yum yum!"
  11. She would leave her journal out in our common space, slightly ajar by a pen stuck in it, like daring me to read it. The thing practically pulsated. Well guess what, I never did read it! Ha! Strong like bull!