1. An unexpected yet unassuming package came this evening. Imma take a picture of it just in case it's my Secret Santa!
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  2. IT IS! 😁 How exciting!
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  3. As I had previously listed before (THOUGHTS ABOUT THE LIST APP SECRET SANTA 🎅) I had set the bar pretty low for my Secret Santa. As long as it wasn't random-gross-follower-guy-i-blocked...or a bag of poo...we'd be golden.
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  4. It was full of prettily packaged swag...
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  5. ...and sweet little notes...
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  6. ...from @simplyshelli These large oval post-its are amazing and needed. My work life involves mapping my brain out in post-it form.
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  7. Shelli lives in Chi-town! 312 REPRESENT!!! As a native Chicagoan, I adore this tote! 😍
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  8. Play-Doh, as it made my Best Smells in the Whole World list! (THE BEST SMELLS IN THE WHOLE WORLD). Gotta admit Shelli, my 2 year-old immediately confiscated these for herself...but I did enjoy a few huffs 😌
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  9. Prosecco! Awesome!! 🍾
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  10. Bridesmaids ON DVD!! I LOVE this movie! Shelli is a comedy writer and this gift represents the best of what her craft offers!
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  11. omg there's like a second tier to this box...
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  12. A mini-Moleskine notebook, "for the writer" in me! I am so touched, because though I'm a doctor by profession, a big part of me has always been writing, and it's important to me not to lose this sense of myself.
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  13. A hardcover copy of Charlotte's Web! Cuz I listed about it's amazing last lines! BOOKS WITH THE BEST LAST LINES
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  14. Here are those last lines I love 💖
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  15. A handmade List App coaster!! BJ and Dev would be so jelly!
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  16. And last but definitely not least, an "open last" glittery note...
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  17. ...with a List detailing why she selected each gift!! I am so moved by how thoughtful every item and note was. I love how pieces of it represented both you and me!
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  18. Many many thanks, best holiday wishes, and a happy New Year @simplyshelli! Now...to follow and peruse all your lists! 😊
  19. And of course, hella mad props to @ChrisK for making List App so much more of a close-knit community!