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  1. Did you always want to go into the medical field and are you happy with you career choice?
    Nope, I wanted to be a computer programmer. I started off in an engineer track in college and found out I could not computer program. I switched to a pre-medical track more for goals of challenging myself than wanting to actually be a doctor. And now I’m a doctor. I don’t dislike it, and I don’t see myself being anything else, meaning, I think it’s a good fit for me. But no foresight or intentions to where I landed in life!
  2. How many years of schooling did you go through post high school?
    14.5 years. College = 4.5. Med school = 4. Residency training = 3. Fellowship = 3.
  3. How much did you educational loans add up to?
    Rather not comment on specifics. But I will say that you pay for medical school, and in further training years (residency/fellowship) you get a bare-bones salary akin to minimum wage. Thus, despite the great salary that doctors are known to get, it can take a new doctor out of training many years to get out of the debt all the training did you in.
  4. What’s the best part of your job?
    I'm not going to wax selflessness and say it's about helping people. I think the sevice part of it goes without saying, and anyone who goes on about it is humble-bragging about what a good person they are. To me, the best part of my job is that after this many years of training and practice, I’m confident with my knowledge and the service I provide. For an introvert, and someone who spent years in self-doubt (which medical training only prolongs) confidence is everything.
  5. What’s the worst part of your job?
    When patients are unhappy with the care I’ve provided. It’s reality. You could be the best doctor in the world, work to the best of your ability, and it will happen. People are people, and anyone can be unhappy with a provided service for any reason. With the emotions involved with disease and unwellness, it only amplifies people's stress. But I'm human too, and I and feel bad when people are unhappy with me.
  6. What’s your most unhealthy lifestyle choice?
    I am sedentary. I literally do not work out. And I know fully well this is what will kill me. Yet I sit.
  7. What is your overall career goal? Is there a corporate ladder in the medical world? Are you climbing it?
    Essentially, the training kills you, but once you’re done with it you’ve made it. The “corporate ladder” in the doctor world is "specializing," or concentrating on one particular facet of medicine. But specializing involves going through more years of training, killing yourself studying, impressing senior doctors, long hours and acquiring more debt. So you kill yourself through more training, with the goals of spending the rest of your life concentrating on one thing (i.e. doing less work)
  8. Do people you know often ask you medical questions and do you hate it or not mind it?
    Yeah, I get asked a lot of questions. I don't mind. The only thing that irks me is if friends ask me to write a prescriptions for them. I won't.
  9. Can we be friends?
    We are friends. And you should get that mole checked 😛