Hey, I'm in San Francisco with 2 tots! We'll see how this goes when I use Li.st like the way HQ wants me to
  1. Thanks you guys for the suggestions Planning a Trip to San Francisco—Suggestions? 🌉
  2. Static
    I like how I caught the woman in mid-step. It makes it asthetically pleasing.
  3. Static
    It's like, cranes in the skyyy (dooba doop doop dooba doop!)
  4. Static
    I don't want to misrepresent the weather here. It is 52 degrees and this is an outdoor pool (albeit heated sauna). But sour-puss girl was going to be a sour-puss until we went "swimming"
  5. Static
  6. Static
    For those who don't know what a balut is, never find out. To my Filipino brethren—amirite?
  7. Static
    My dream house 😍
  8. I
    I don't know how to feel about this.
  9. Static
    cue Vampire Weekend: "But actually Oakland and not Alameda"
  10. Static
    needless baby selfie
  11. Static
    This radio station is killing it! All the 80s music I loved in the 90s. Africa is played a generous amount. Obligatory Journey.
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
    Japanese Tea Garden
  15. Static
  16. Static
  17. Static
    Albino Alligator (turtle to scale)
  18. Static
    Fun fact: I'm deathly afraid of butterflies. I know that's a pretty dumb, Tyra-Banks-scared-of-dolphins phobia. We went to the Academy of Sciences and there was a rainforest dome full of butterflies flitting around (and I wasn't informed). It was harrowing.
  19. Static
    Candy cigarettes were not allowed when we were in grade school. I'm a trained oncologist, and really should not be promoting that smoking is fun. But it's just that hang-up from never having had them when I was a kid!
  20. Static
    The city from Alameda
  21. Static
    crazy pendulum fun
  22. Static
  23. Static
    re-purposes cigarette machine that dispensed artsy tchotchkes
  24. Static
  25. Static
  26. Static
  27. Static
    Fishermans Wharf
  28. Static
    Sea lions be frontin'
  29. Static
    Zoltar 1
  30. Static
    Zoltar 2
  31. Static
    I want to dip my head in here
  32. Static
  33. Static
  34. Static
  35. Static
  36. Static
    Californians I applaud thee 😍😍😍
  37. Static
  38. Static
    Whatever happened to predictability?
  39. Static
  40. Static
  41. Static
  42. Static
  43. Static
  44. Static
    launching the rockets
  45. Static
  46. Static
  47. Static
    Monies and her cousins at Trader Vic's