San Francisco Trip 🌁: An Updated Adventure

Hey, I'm in San Francisco with 2 tots! We'll see how this goes when I use like the way HQ wants me to
  1. Thanks you guys for the suggestions Planning a Trip to San Francisco—Suggestions? 🌉
  2. I like how I caught the woman in mid-step. It makes it asthetically pleasing.
  3. It's like, cranes in the skyyy (dooba doop doop dooba doop!)
  4. I don't want to misrepresent the weather here. It is 52 degrees and this is an outdoor pool (albeit heated sauna). But sour-puss girl was going to be a sour-puss until we went "swimming"
  5. ew
  6. For those who don't know what a balut is, never find out. To my Filipino brethren—amirite?
  7. My dream house 😍
  8. I
    I don't know how to feel about this.
  9. cue Vampire Weekend: "But actually Oakland and not Alameda"
  10. needless baby selfie
  11. This radio station is killing it! All the 80s music I loved in the 90s. Africa is played a generous amount. Obligatory Journey.
  12. Japanese Tea Garden
  13. Albino Alligator (turtle to scale)
  14. Fun fact: I'm deathly afraid of butterflies. I know that's a pretty dumb, Tyra-Banks-scared-of-dolphins phobia. We went to the Academy of Sciences and there was a rainforest dome full of butterflies flitting around (and I wasn't informed). It was harrowing.
  15. Candy cigarettes were not allowed when we were in grade school. I'm a trained oncologist, and really should not be promoting that smoking is fun. But it's just that hang-up from never having had them when I was a kid!
  16. The city from Alameda
  17. crazy pendulum fun
  18. ExplOratorium
  19. re-purposes cigarette machine that dispensed artsy tchotchkes
  20. Fishermans Wharf
  21. Sea lions be frontin'
  22. Zoltar 1
  23. Zoltar 2
  24. I want to dip my head in here
  25. 😂
  26. Californians I applaud thee 😍😍😍
  27. Whatever happened to predictability?
  28. launching the rockets
  29. Monies and her cousins at Trader Vic's