SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Categories

  1. Potent Potables
  2. Letters That Begin With "G"
  3. Colors That End in "Urple"
  4. Colors That are Red
  5. States That Begin With "Californ"
  6. Foods That End in "Amburger"
  7. Famous Kareem Abdul-Jabbars
  8. Famous Oprahs
  9. Drummers Named Ringo
  10. Black Comedians Named Whoopi
  11. Horsies
  12. Toast
  13. First Grade Math
  14. The Sound a Doggie Makes
  15. State Your Name
  16. Don't Do Anything
  17. I Have a Chardonnay
    You automatically get the points and I get to have a glass of wine
  18. Automatic Points
  19. "S" Words
    I'll take swords for 200
  20. Therapists
    I'll take The Rapists for 400
  21. The Pen Is Mightier
    I'll take The Penis Mightier for 200
  22. An Album Cover
    Anal Bum Cover
  23. Famous Titles
    Famous Titties
  24. Who Reads
    Whore Ads
  25. Let it Snow
    I'll take le tits now for 800