Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. it was college circa 1998
  2. he had been home schooled up to that point
  3. he had a daily regimen of wearing a checkered shirt, khakis and white reeboks every day
  4. simplified the morning ritual and laundry day
  5. i don't know where my mindsight was. must have thought there were no other prospects
  6. we went to a comedy improv show and then a coffeehouse reading
  7. a woman performed a lesbian-themed piece, and i noticed he looked uncomfortable and kind of pissed off
  8. we left early. i asked him what was bothering him
  9. and he said, "I abhor the practice."
  10. to this day, it occasionally comes back to ring in my head as one of the most intolerant things I have personally heard
  11. i said, "i'm sorry you feel that way."
  12. instead of "I'm sorry you're the person you are."