As I'm assembling my college care package, I've been thinking a lot about my own college days. See also: Things I Liked About College
  1. The quote board hanging in the common room
    Oh we're so funny! We need to write down what we say because it's so funny!
  2. The immaturity not left behind in high school
    Because really, we are but mere teenagers living among other teenagers without supervision
  3. The crushes you develop on your TAs
    It'll never happen! But it like could, right? Because we've got this connection that goes beyond the course material!
  4. Quadrangles
    Every time I walked thru the quad I had this irrational fear of an errant frisbee hitting the back of my head. Which is silly because on the off chance that ever's a frisbee.
  5. The Kiss
    Why did Every. One. Have. This. ? Ever see that Buffy episode where they'd tally up the Klimt and the Monet posters? Nailed it!!
  6. The Armageddon Soundtrack
    "I would stay awake...just to hear you breeeathing!" Imagine this played 24-7 on loop on your freshman floor.
  7. That One Haircut I got that ruined me
    Wait no...that was Felicity.