As I'm assembling my college care package, I've been thinking a lot about my own college days. See also Things I Hated About College
  1. The names I'd create in my head for the people sitting in class around me that you see every day but don't meet.
    Slender neck boy (only recognized him from behind). Guy who has my backpack, but then changed his backpack, and now I changed my backpack (name would grow longer through the year). Brother and sister couple (they looked like each other). Billy Bob (girl).
  2. The Dining Hall
    So many choices! Cereal for dinner—whaa?
  3. The Library
    So many different areas to suit your study mood.
  4. Academia!
    I studied science and literature and felt this balanced my passions nicely. But then I ultimately had to choose one path to "career" in. Never again will I feel such equal fulfillment of my two selves.
  5. The Bunny
    Ha! This guy was at the center of my campus. Sure we claimed it was an eyesore. I miss him?
  6. It was Napster era
    What a time to be a college student! Any song you could ever want, free free free!