Things I'm Into This Week

everyone's doing it 😏
  1. Neil Gaiman's nonfiction collection- The View From the Cheap Seats
    I'm in love with this book! I love when writers write about reading. It inspires me to read more. Many pieces are speeches he's given or introductions to books. They get repetitive, but in the best of ways; as in "I can't hear you say this enough!" I'm glad he compiled these pieces so a larger audience can enjoy them.
  2. Girl Meets World
    I'm one of those 90s kids who watched Boy Meets World, and now watch Girl Meets World unabashedly as a 35 year old woman. GMW in my opinion surpasses it's predecessor, to the point where I think BMW was a mere vessel to get to this show. The reason I'm so excited this week is that they just concluded their love triangle storyline! And as promised, the resolution transcended a mere teeny-bopper romance to provide a larger friendship coming of age story.
  3. Game app: 2048
    In A World of Pokemon Go Gone awry (I don't throw shade, I play it 😚) it's nice to have a simple game like this. You slide tiles to double up numbers in a fashion slightly more purposeful than Candy Crush. The skill-to-chance ratio is just right.
  4. Love's Ice Cream, Grand Rapids MI
    One is not complete until they've found their local ice creamery 😌. I've been seaching for two years since moving here and finallly found it! I could tout their "all natural" what-not what-not, but really they taste incredible! Check out these flavors: whiskey fig! rosewater pistacchio! My goal is to try each one, but I always end up ordering coffee.