No family/dinner/presents until this evening. Reveling in the simpler things.
  1. Spending the day in my ho ho ho pants
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    Old Navy circa 2011. These pants get so little play thru the year.
  2. Azkaban reread
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  3. This stocking stuffer where you press the bottom in and the reindeer collapses
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  4. ...wait for it...
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  5. like us.
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  6. Michigan booties on baby feet
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  7. Emo Kylo Ren is 💯
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  8. geeked out tree
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  9. rewatching the Downton Abbey season 2 Christmas finale
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    you know, before it started sucking and no one crucial to the series died or anything
  10. sneaking a freshly baked scone
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