I signed up tonight last minute! Exciting! @ChrisK
  1. When I first joined list app, I immediately got one random follower who seemed very unsavory.
  2. He had lists titled things like, "B*tches be b*tches because..."
  3. I blocked him.
  4. It made me wary of what List App was going to be like...
  5. But he was so uncharacteristic of what turned out to be such a nice, respectable, considerate List App community!
  6. I'm going to get him, aren't I?
  7. He's going to send me lewd t-shirts, isn't he?
  8. Ugh.
  9. Well, if I don't end up getting him, and someone's searching my lists for any gift ideas...
  10. I don't have any preference for the "handmade" recommendation...
  11. Handmade is lovely, but I understand how busy people are, and the timeframe to send stuff is restrictive
  12. It would actually be nice if your gift reflected your lifestyle or locale...
  13. Like, a book or sample of writing you like very much, or a cd with the music you're into, or a nonperishable food item that represents what you're about
  14. I appreciate your efforts! Happy Holidays! ⛄️⛄️⛄️