You've Been Boo-ed 👻

How to Boo Your Neighbors
  1. •
    Get Jack o' Lantern buckets
  2. •
    Fill them with Halloween-themed crap
    Channel a Fruitcake of October vibe
  3. •
    Strike by night
  4. •
    Leave crap your neighbor's doorstep
    Child to scale
  5. •
    Ring Doorbell
  6. •
    This is House #2. Not pictured: me dragging howling child back to the car during House #1 run
  7. •
    Once You've Been Boo-ed, you are tasked with leaving crap on the doorstep of two other neighbors
    Boo begets Boo in an excruciating chain-letter-like existence
  8. •
    But you get to post a sign on your door so you don't get Boo-ed again
  9. •
    Boo-ing people is the modern-day equivalent of leaving a flaming bag of poo on someone's doorstep
  10. •
    It's masked in a ruse neighborly holiday cheer, but bottom line: Crap no one wants is left on your doorstep
  11. •
    How to win at the You've Been Boo'ed—
    October 1st—hang the sign on your door.
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