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Heading into Finals so these might be biased
  1. To be done with my last four papers of college
  2. Monsters for the all-nighter I'm going to pull writing these papers
  3. Chipotle so I can survive the all-nighter
  1. If you ate watermelon seeds, then a watermelon would start growing inside of me
    I still avoid watermelon seeds like the plague.
  2. Stepping on the cracks in sidewalks would be bad luck.
    Sometimes it was impossible to not step on. To counteract this, I had a numbering system so 50 successful avoidances allowed you to step one, etc.
  3. If someone ate earwax they would become mute.
    Something my mom said to scare me. It worked.
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Had to split hairs at some points... (Saved the best for last)
  1. 13.
  2. 12.
    Kicking and Screaming
  3. 11.
    Stranger than Fiction
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