A necessary continuation of my top ten. These are possibly 11-20.
  1. Mark Hoppus
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    Omfg Mark. Mark is the best name for a man in the world. And he is one of the best Marks. So fucking beautiful and smart. So sweet and self aware. He is crazy meta!!!! One of the best people to follow on Twitter, even if you ain't an emo bitch like me!! Mark just say the word, let me be your plus one. I don't care what anyone says, blink-182 the best thing that ever happened to anyone, thank you for blessing us with your gift. See you at the woodlands 🐝🐝
  2. Michael Fassbender
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    JESUS CHRIST. I canNOT contain myself when I treat myself to a Fassbender film. Goddamn it's too much. Whether he's a mutant (daddy), a sex addict (thank you) or a rude rich man with a terrible secret (POP that collar) I can guarantee you that I will be breathing heavily the whole time. Pure unadulterated lust, is what I feel for this man. I honestly can't talk about it in public.
  3. Steven Patrick Morrissey
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    The reason he so low on this list, even though he is a true babe, is because my respect for him is beyond mere attraction. My love ascends it. Every single word that he spits out of his ungrateful mouth is gospel. It is scripture. If I think about doing something and I think he would sneer at it, I do not do it. Morrissey is the standard by which I measure my own life, my success, my happiness. He knows my soul like no other and I live in constant fear of disappointing him.
  4. Julian Casablancas
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    This glorious creature is such a disaster. Genius often equals unfortunate fashion choices and beautiful music. It doesn't even matter, everything he does is PERFECT. If it's 2001, 2003, 2006 or dad Julian I will be here. I wouldn't have it any other way. He's the last real rock star I think we'll ever have. Julian, may you and your mullet live on forever.
  5. Johnny Depp
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    Johnny Depp was probably my first number one. Pirates of the Caribbean was my first PG-13 movie and I have been under his spell ever since. Every single movie he's in murders me every time. I think Cry Baby turned me into the sicko I am today. His face and body are crimes against humanity. Tom Hansen, Edward, Jack, Vic, Sweeney and Gilbert can all HOLLA AT ME
  6. Brendon Urie
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    Speaking of firsts. I can say with full confidence that it's all his fault. I was introduced to him in the fall of 2009, such a sweet, vulnerable time. P!ATD's video for "But It's Better If You Do" makes me sweat to this day. His voice is actually amazing and he is super hot. I've recently rekindled my love for him and I constantly thank God (I know) for seeing the Girls/Girls/Boys video when I did. Twelve year old me wouldn't have been able to handle it.
  7. Justin Timberlake
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    Ooo my God. Justin Timberlake is one of the sexiest, funniest people alive, if not the most. I may have only been five when NYSNC broke up so it feels like I've been worshipping him forever. And he sneaks up on you! It took me a full year to listen to the 20/20 Experience and I chastise myself for it every day. That album (without even TOUCHING on FutureSex/LoveSounds) is one of the best pop albums created, maybe ever. I'd like to join his five timers club, if you know what I mean. DILF.
  8. Brad Pitt
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    Wow man candy. You are lying to yourself if you're not obsessed with Brad Pitt. What's most infuriating about him is how actually talented he is while remaining one of the most beautiful people on the planet. It's truly incomprehensible. Fight Club is in my top five I don't even care how fratty that is. Benjamin Button is really good too!! Fight me!! I've never seen a Brad movie I didn't like. Inglorious Basterds was my first R rated movie. He was so kind, so gentle. Brad forever.
  9. John Krasinski
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    My first major TV crush. Jim Halpert raised the standard for all men forever. So fucking cute and dorky. His devotion is still unparalleled as I'm rewatching The Office again. I never would have made him wait so long. Wow I wanna do a lot of weird stuff to that tall bitch. The little hair that sticks out in front of his ears is my light in the darkness. Thank you, John Krasinski. Please grow your hair out again.
  10. Jake Gyllenhaal
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    GEEZ. Jake Gyllenhaal is that special kind of hot you can only hope to encounter during your sad, short life. What's great about his hotness is that I feel like if I met him at a party, he might be genuinely interested in talking to me because he doesn't think he's one of the hottest dudes alive, like he is. I love that fckn mole on his face. Once I watched Donnie Darko every night for a full month. He's so hot. I saw this photo in the People's Sexiest Man Alive issue in 2010 and my body changed