November 2015
  1. Chris Pratt
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    Oh my God. I don't even know if I have the words. I know it won't be enough but Chris Pratt is THE HOTTEST COOLEST KINDEST MOST GENUINE AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON ALIVE. I am so seriously grateful that he's getting the recognition he deserves after all these years. Andy Dwyer remains and WILL remain my perfect man FOREVER. I will love him no matter how he look, even if he has rock hard abs. HE'S SO FUCKING FUNNY AND NICE I WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE THE HEART TO BREAK UP HIS MARRIAGE. THAT'S HOW REAL IT IS
  2. Josh Tillman
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    If I had to pick only one person to listen to the rest of my life, it would be him. Being in the same room as him changed me. I have been baptized into a newer, more disdainful person. He means more to me than anything. If I find out you like him, I will become very irrational and be mean to you all night. I was meant to hear his music. I wish I was as smart as him. I would do any drugs he offered me. I want to tattoo all of his lyrics all over my body in white ink, so no one else can see but me
  3. Harry Styles
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    Honestly it took me so long to decide on a picture but eventually I picked the one that made me scream the loudest Harry Styles is the most pure little baby man on the face of the planet. He is heaven on earth. He is so stupid!!! Beautiful, that gravelly-ass voice make me wanna die. I would drop everything in my life to hang out with him for one minute. I would literally kill someone for him to smile at me. Boy so naive I'll be your LA goth just let me!!!!!!!!! He don't know he beautiful AHHHHHH
  4. Brandon Flowers
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    The cutest lil cutie in all of the world. I always loved him but seeing him live made me realize how much I really love him. He's so sweet an adorable I want to die. Such a good hometown boy!! He has a son named Gunner!!!! Gunner ! If that doesn't scream marriage material, I don't know what does. He is the psychedelic glam rock space cowboy desert prince of my dreams. Drive me around in a red mustang until I DIE
  5. David Duchovny
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    Goddamn it I love him so much that I hate him. With every fiber of my being. He is really, honestly, truly so hot. I'd like to put him under my jurisdiction. Also!!! He went to Princeton and Yale to study LITERAURE??? Oh my God. What an asshole. God I miss him so much. Baby we will always have the Marlin Room. The truth is out there, and I'm pretty sure it's in his jeans.
  6. Colin Firth
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    One of the best ways to figure out what someone is like is to make them choose between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It's no competition. The man can wear a sweater. I fall in love with him time and time again. Love Actually and Bridget Jones' Diary are two of my not so secret favorite films. He made me like suits. He is gorgeous and smart and too good for me. Another awful thing is how much he loves his wife!!! He loves her so much. Probably almost as much as I love him.
  7. Seth Rogen
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    Believe it or not, it all started with Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Him in that lil UPS outfit stirred something inside of me. It then prompted me to watch Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Superbad and The 40-Year-Old Virgin in one sitting and I never came back. Yeah maybe 90% of the time he's just writing dick jokes but GOD DAMN if they aren't well written. Again, something so sexy about smart, funny guys. I guess I have a type. @sethrogen4life on IG if you want to see how serious I am
  8. Ethan Hawke
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    Todd, Troy and Jesse
  9. Heath Ledger
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    Fuck omg Heath. He's so gorgeous and I miss him everyday. I know that is so stupid but sometimes I actually get choked up thinking about it. He was so talented and smart and seemed like a genuinely great person. I'm going to watch 10 Thing I Hate About You on my DEATH BED. TRY to stop me. Fuck the accent too ugh oh man.
  10. Mark Duplass
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    Fuck Mark is hot. He is hot everybody!!!! Get over yourselves!!!! And so smart oh my GOD. I am in true awe that Safety Not Guaranteed, Pete Eckhart and Togetherness came from the same person. I WISH I could write something like him. He is so truthful and it's so evident in all of his work. LOL I even bought his shitty band's CD and really liked it. What I like most is you don't know what you're going to get, sweet Mark or asshole Mark and that's very exciting to me.