So dumb. Too bad some stuff had to be cropped out, but oh well.
  1. This is so stupid.
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  2. Not a fan of agressive bees.
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  3. "It's-a me, Winston!"
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    I saw an opportunity and I went for it.
  4. "🙈🙉🙊"
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    The 🙈 didn't fit into the square.
  5. That time my room was haunted.
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  6. I'm talented musician.
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  7. Upside down dog.
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  8. Make sure to bring your own lube.
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    Amsterdam really does have it all.
  9. Celebrating.
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  10. Celebrating!
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  11. Abraham Lincoln or Bill Nye?
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    Taken af the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum ( shop).
  12. I don't remember how I figured this out.
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  13. Please don't be mean to me.
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  14. I accidentally hit myself in the face.
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  15. After watching too much X Files.
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