On Thursday night, Jessica Williams will make her final appearance as a Daily Show correspondent. She is moving on to write, produce, and star in her own Comedy Central pilot. Here's a collection of some of her best work on the show, which is very much worth revisiting.
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    A truly brilliant piece by Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper, who give separate advice to men and women on how to avoid sexual assault and stay safe on college campuses.
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    "Sexism. Does it still exist? Many men say no. Jessica Williams explores." A truly brilliant piece on catcalling.
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    A Fox News pundit had some truly ridiculous things to say about catcalling. Jessica Williams has a response.
  4. Trans Panic Epidemic: https://youtu.be/PIvCh3EQv1Q
    A powerful look into the hardships of the transgender community in America, including the ridiculous anti-trans bathroom bills.
  5. Local
    A report on discriminatory army regulations against black servicewomen and their hairstyles.
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    Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper weigh in on whether the Confederate flag represents racism or not.
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    After a mass shooting at an Oregon community college, Jessica Williams finds a way to fast track reporting on another gun tragedy in the U.S.
  8. Wrestling with History in Whitesboro, NY: https://youtu.be/eSwbG5V5S-8
    Whitesboro, NY had a very offensive town logo. Jessica Williams went to check out what was going, and in the process helped create a nationwide scandal.
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    About police violence against African American kids at pool parties.
  10. The Hate Class of 2015: https://youtu.be/oJPJ8xI62gc
    She visited the anti-gay protesters outside the Supreme Court before their final ruling on same-sex marriage.
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    Jessica Williams and Ronny Chieng explore the issue of racism on dating apps and sites.
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    Williams' third visit with reverend James David Manning, who heads a VERY homophobic church in NYC. Also check out a previous visit in this segment: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/ex1203/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-uncensored---hey--guess-who-s-still-returning-our-calls-
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    She discusses the racist outcry over Beyoncé's halftime performance at the Super Bowl.
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    The Catholic church is modernizing. Jessica Williams talks to a priest who does exorcisms over Skype.
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    Jessica Williams takes a look at a law in Alabama that provides public defenders for fetuses.
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    Jessica Williams travels to Kansas to investigate the outcome of Governor Sam Brownback's extreme tax-cut experiment.
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    Mic drop.