Now there's an influx of new Android listers on @list, it's only fair to give some of my favorite listers who are not on the 'Recommended' list a well deserved boost. This isn't just for the new users, though. If you're not following these people yet, please fix that.
  1. She writes some of the funniest, most insightful, and intelligent lists you'll find on this app.
  2. She is an American living in the Czech Republic, and a very kind and fun person. I've met her, so I know this is true.
  3. Very open and honest, a talented painter, and a very funny human being.
  4. She writes sharp and hilarious lists, especially look out for her excellent late night monologue joke lists.
  5. @combatdavey
    Intelligent and funny writer and full time Canadian. Sign up for his Tinyletter.
  6. Writes very funny and clever lists and will form a height-based comedy duo with me in the future.
  7. She is a very cool and honest lister with a childhood you really need to read about.
  8. She has no chill in the best way.
  9. She was already killing it on with her hilarious and insightful lists, and now she has her own podcast with @brimattia.
  10. Incredible at deciphering subtext and knows more about Quantico than you do.
  11. The official queen of the Chicago community.
  12. Has hard and fast recs for you bros. He also runs @barrierjunkies with @lesleyann, follow them as well.
  13. A very kind Australian lister. She published a great list for newcomers you really should check out if you are one.
  14. One of the kindest and most supportive people you'll encounter here (and that's saying something), and very intelligent to boot.
  15. He posts some of the finest food lists on this whole app, and shares very interesting articles he has read on a weekly basis.
  16. Ruthlessly honest, vulnerable, and funny. Soon to be seen on the Live podium in New York.
  17. He writes multiple smart and short joke lists per day, including a lot of election material.
  18. Has a vast knowledge of rap lyrics and is a very kind and funny human being.
  19. A very talented typography artist (check out her Instagram), who writes very astute lists on top of that.
  20. Organizer of the List March Madness phenomenon, which resulted in many incredible lists.
  21. The Official Mom™
  22. Writes great lists and articles about dating, sex, body positivism, and more.
  23. Don't let her username fool you, she's actually really great.
  24.'s most prominent Kiwi user and allround lovely person.
  25. @TQ
    Puns. All of the puns.