After Parks and Rec PARKS AND RECREATION REACTION PICS FOR EVERY OCCASION and The Office 'THE OFFICE' REACTION PICS FOR EVERY OCCASION , the final installment of my reaction pics trilogy.
  1. When you want to go to there.
  2. When a white guy is being a lying asshole.
  3. When someone judges your pizza taste.
  4. When someone asks you what's wrong with you.
  5. When someone is being so mean to you that you have to show them the back of your hand.
  6. When you need to comfort your friend.
  7. When someone says something so stupid... (1/2)
  8. That you do a spit take even though you didn't drink anything. (2/2)
  9. When your friend messes up.
  10. When you make the whole group chat happy.
  11. When someone talks smack about your favorite show.
  12. When someone tries to flirt with you by calling you 'an angel that fell from heaven.'
  13. When you absolutely nailed it.
  14. When you're laughing so hard that you start lizzing.
  15. When an old person is trying to act young, but you're not buying it.
  16. When you're giving someone life advice, but you're unqualified.
  17. When someone accuses you of letting your spending get out of control.
  18. When your friend has ridiculous standards.
  19. When your racist uncle voices his support for Donald Trump.
  20. When your friend asks you how drunk you are.
  21. When your friend asks you how drunk you are.
  22. When your friend wants to go to the beach, but you don't want to go.
  23. When you asks your friend to go to the beach, and they say the ocean is for tools.
  24. When you get an unsolicited dick pic.
  25. When you tell yourself that everything is going to be okay...
  26. But you're lying.
  27. When your friend asks if you want to hang out at 10:00.
  28. When you spot youths.
  29. When your friend asks you why you're so heavy.
  30. When your friend is being a douchebag.
  31. When someone is being rude to you.
  32. When your friend is acting like a real c-word. That's right,
  33. When you're feeling pretty.
  34. When your friend talks you into socializing.
  35. When you want to mock someone, but you don't have the energy for it.
  36. When you're trying to sext, but you're not that committed to it.
  37. When your friend fucked up, and you're not letting it slide.
  38. When your friend has been acting weird all day.
  39. When your grandma is being a bitch.
  40. When you want to comfort your friend, but you also don't want to get too involved.
  41. When someone is being so immensely stupid...
  42. ... That the only thing they deserve as a response is a Liz Lemon eyeroll of epic proportions.
  43. When someone gets a little bit too into artisinal pan handles.
  44. When you dunno.
  45. When someone starts talking about their sex life and you don't want to hear it.
  46. When someone asks you 'isn't he great?'
  47. When you're going to take a short nap.
  48. When someone tells you there's someone else who's more high-maintenance than you are.
  49. When you leave a group chat.
  50. When you're going crazy.
  51. When you're about to drop some knowledge in a group chat.
  52. When someone asks to have a word.
  53. When you're feeling yourself.
  54. When your friend is dating some low-life.
  55. When your friend apologizes for stealing your thunder.
  56. When you and your friend concoct a secret plan.
  57. When you're just making small talk over text. (1/3)
  58. When you're just making small talk over text. (2/3)
  59. When you're just making small talk over text. (3/3)
  60. When you're drunk and trying to flirt.
  61. When someone is acting suspiciously.
  62. When someone is says you're acting suspicious.