After Parks and Rec PARKS AND RECREATION REACTION PICS FOR EVERY OCCASION and The Office 'THE OFFICE' REACTION PICS FOR EVERY OCCASION , the final installment of my reaction pics trilogy.
  1. When you want to go to there.
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  2. When a white guy is being a lying asshole.
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  3. When someone judges your pizza taste.
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  4. When someone asks you what's wrong with you.
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  5. When someone is being so mean to you that you have to show them the back of your hand.
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  6. When you need to comfort your friend.
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  7. When someone says something so stupid... (1/2)
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  8. That you do a spit take even though you didn't drink anything. (2/2)
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  9. When your friend messes up.
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  10. When you make the whole group chat happy.
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  11. When someone talks smack about your favorite show.
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  12. When someone tries to flirt with you by calling you 'an angel that fell from heaven.'
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  13. When you absolutely nailed it.
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  14. When you're laughing so hard that you start lizzing.
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  15. When an old person is trying to act young, but you're not buying it.
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  16. When you're giving someone life advice, but you're unqualified.
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  17. When someone accuses you of letting your spending get out of control.
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  18. When your friend has ridiculous standards.
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  19. When your racist uncle voices his support for Donald Trump.
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  20. When your friend asks you how drunk you are.
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  21. When your friend asks you how drunk you are.
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  22. When your friend wants to go to the beach, but you don't want to go.
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  23. When you asks your friend to go to the beach, and they say the ocean is for tools.
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  24. When you get an unsolicited dick pic.
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  25. When you tell yourself that everything is going to be okay...
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  26. But you're lying.
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  27. When your friend asks if you want to hang out at 10:00.
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  28. When you spot youths.
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  29. When your friend asks you why you're so heavy.
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  30. When your friend is being a douchebag.
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  31. When someone is being rude to you.
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  32. When your friend is acting like a real c-word. That's right,
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  33. When you're feeling pretty.
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  34. When your friend talks you into socializing.
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  35. When you want to mock someone, but you don't have the energy for it.
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  36. When you're trying to sext, but you're not that committed to it.
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  37. When your friend fucked up, and you're not letting it slide.
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  38. When your friend has been acting weird all day.
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  39. When your grandma is being a bitch.
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  40. When you want to comfort your friend, but you also don't want to get too involved.
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  41. When someone is being so immensely stupid...
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  42. ... That the only thing they deserve as a response is a Liz Lemon eyeroll of epic proportions.
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  43. When someone gets a little bit too into artisinal pan handles.
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  44. When you dunno.
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  45. When someone starts talking about their sex life and you don't want to hear it.
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  46. When someone asks you 'isn't he great?'
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  47. When you're going to take a short nap.
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  48. When someone tells you there's someone else who's more high-maintenance than you are.
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  49. When you leave a group chat.
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  50. When you're going crazy.
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  51. When you're about to drop some knowledge in a group chat.
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  52. When someone asks to have a word.
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  53. When you're feeling yourself.
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  54. When your friend is dating some low-life.
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  55. When your friend apologizes for stealing your thunder.
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  56. When you and your friend concoct a secret plan.
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  57. When you're just making small talk over text. (1/3)
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  58. When you're just making small talk over text. (2/3)
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  59. When you're just making small talk over text. (3/3)
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  60. When you're drunk and trying to flirt.
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  61. When someone is acting suspiciously.
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  62. When someone is says you're acting suspicious.
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