1. Not punishing people of color who list about their experiences and issues that are important to them (and should be to everyone) like racism and sexism, in their own voice, by taking away their podium.
  2. These lists may not be beacons of positivity, but that doesn't mean they aren't important or shouldn't be promoted or amplified. Allowing people to express themselves freely about whatever they want is something that made me love this app and this community as much as I do, so seeing censorship like this really disappoints me and makes me sad.
  3. Completely random examples, obviously.
  4. These both deserve to be read and shared by as many people as possible. They won't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but lists like these, that could make you uncomfortable, are just as important as those who will. Their points of view and experiences are invaluable to a community like this one, and should not be censored, ignored, or erased.