1. So last night I posted a list (A THING THAT WOULD IMPROVE LI.ST GREATLY) about the treatment of the voices of POC members of our community.
  2. In that list I mentioned that there have been instances on this app where those voices got ignored, censored, and erased. A terrible and infuriating thing.
  3. The reason for this list was the fact that both @ltoiaivao and @ijeoma were taken off the Recommended list after posting powerful lists about racism and sexism. The timing was just very suspicious, and it pissed me off.
  4. Today I heard from @dev, who explained the following:
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  7. I felt like it wouldn't be fair not to share this. I figured that it would be best to let him explain how it works in his own words, just so I don't make mistakes paraphrasing. I think a little more transparency about these things would go a long way. That could have prevented a couple of misunderstandings. Though I still think it was ill-timed.
  8. That being said, I still stand by the main point of my list. It wasn't just aimed at HQ. The erasure of diverse voices is a thing that happens sometimes on this app. There have been a few incidents where users have done some of the things I mentioned in the list - deleting comments, making disparaging comments, etc.
  9. This is something we all need to be more mindful of, especially my fellow mayonnaise-colored people. This type of shit rightfully causes skepticism and frustration among our listers of color, sometimes to the point where they even leave, and that makes me sad. These things should not happen.
  10. This should be a place of inclusion - it is most of the time by far, don't get me wrong, we just have some stuff we need to work on. I think we can do better.