I guess this is my thing now. This is the longest one I've made so far, Arrested Development is a gift that keeps on giving.
  1. When you've made a huge tiny mistake.
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  2. When someone calls you a coward.
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  3. When someone you don't like that much asks you about the fun times you've had together.
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  4. When your doctor is being very misleading in their phrasing.
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  5. When you realize that life is pointless.
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  6. When you realize that life is pointless and you're in Mexico.
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  7. When your son tells you to stop lying...
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  8. ... To stop manipulating...
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  9. ... And to just be nicer.
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  10. When you want to flirt with someone and make them uncomfortable at the same time.
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  11. When someone in the group chat makes an uncomfortably bad joke.
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  12. When you just dropped some knowledge.
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  13. When you're drunk and your friend makes a joke.
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  14. When your friend tells you a story and you're lost for words. (1/2)
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  15. When your friend tells you a story and you're lost for words. (2/2)
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  16. When you and your friend are fucked.
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  17. When your friend brags about their sex life while yours barely exists.
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  18. When someone asks you about your weekend plans.
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  19. When one of your favorite characters dies.
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  20. When your friend asks you how to deal with a guy that's treating them badly.
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  21. When you suspect your friend might be critcizing you.
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  22. When you don't like Star Wars and your sick of hearing your friends talk about it.
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  23. When your friend comes with a reasonable compromise.
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  24. When you need a drink...
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  25. ... And your son tells you it's too early for that...
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  26. ... So you try to save it.
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  27. When someone asks you if you're afraid of sex.
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  28. When your friend asks you if they should put out on their next date.
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  29. When your uncle dares you to have sex with someone in front of him.
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  30. When you didn't think so.
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  31. When you want to reminisce with your friend.
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  32. When you're about to call someone the c-word...
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  33. ... But then remember that you're in a group chat.
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  34. When you need attention and want to be dramatic about it.
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  35. When she asks you for a body shot.
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  36. When someone took your hard-boiled eggs.
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  37. When you're feeling sad.
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  38. When you're feeling sad in Mexico.
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  39. When you try to cheer someone up.
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  40. When you just painted yourself blue.
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  41. When you just painted yourself blue for the wrong occasion.
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  42. When it turns out your party is going to have unlimited juice.
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  43. When you're considering buying something new.
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  44. When your friend shot a woman in the ass with about four ounces of horse tranquilizer.
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  45. When you're trying to sext, but sound like your mom.
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  46. When you've made a huge mistake.
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  47. When you want to encourage someone to make a new start, but also want to call them an anustart.
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  48. When you want to get one of those gold necklaces with the "T" on it, but don't know where to get one.
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  49. When your friend thinks a crucifix is actually a "T"
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  50. When your friend tells you that it's a cross.
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  51. When someone asks if you ever feel like nobody sees you.
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  52. When your internet connection keeps failing and you're sick of it.
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  53. When you see the problem right away...
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  54. ... Your friend got all the answers wrong.
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  55. When you need your son to keep an eye on his cousin.
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  56. When you invite your friends to the play you're in.
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  57. When you're trying to cry.
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  58. When you think your friend is trying to cry.
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  59. When you need to explain why you're trying to cry.
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  60. When you think you're going to be fine, but not really.
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  61. When someone is being amazing.
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  62. When you need to give a reason why you declined an invitation.
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  63. When someone is being a chicken, but you've never even seen a chicken.
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  64. When someone is being a chicken, but you've never even seen a chicken.
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  65. When someone is being a chicken, but you've never even seen a chicken.
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  66. When someone is being a chicken, but you've never even seen a chicken.
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  67. When your friend just said something racist.
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  68. When you need to talk to your friend about something personal.
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  69. When your friend asks you if you're alone.
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  70. When you're having a great day...
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  71. ... But then remember that your friend is going through a tough time.
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  72. When you're suspicious.
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  73. When your grandma is being a bitch.
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  74. When your significant other is trying to push you into having a threesome, but you're not up for it.
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  75. When you're feeling popular.
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  76. When you break something.
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