Bo Burnham is an incredibly talented comic whose shows are a little different from other stand-ups. He writes songs that are clever, hilarious, and can really make you think. These are my 15 favorites. Check out his specials 'Words, Words, Words' and 'what.,' and his book Egghead. His new special, 'Make Happy' will be released on Netflix soon-ish.
  1. "From God's Perspective"
    Amazing song about religion in modern times. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It has a beautiful and poignant message. This really resonates with me.
  2. "Art is Dead"
    A powerful and self-depricating song about his relationship with art, commerce, and fame.
  3. "Repeat Stuff"
    A hilarious satirical take on modern and generic pop songs and how they work.
  4. "Rant"
    A rant in rap form about his relation with catholicism.
  5. "Words, Words, Words"
    A classic Bo Burnham rap. Titular song of his first special.
  6. "Oh Bo"
    A satire of stereotypical hiphop songs, with a very catchy chorus.
  7. "#Deep"
    Bo trying to convey how #deep he is.
  8. "Nerds"
    A rap about being bullied for being a nerd, and meant to support people who went through this as well.
  9. "I'm Bo Yo"
    One of his first hits, from back he was mostly known from his YouTube videos.
  10. "Ironic"
    A funny song filled with ironic puns. *Alanis Morissette, what's good?*
  11. "Sad"
    A funny and self-depricating song about the sadder things in life.
  12. "What's Funny"
    The opening song of 'Words, Words, Words,' and and introduction to his style of comedy.
  13. "Left Brain, Right Brain"
    A song about the two different sides of his brain: the logical and analytical side VS the emotional and creative side.
  14. "My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay"
    The title really says it all.
  15. "We Think We Know You"
    The closer of 'what.' It works especially well with his physical performance accompanying the song. Seems like a good way to close off this list.