Broad City returns for a brand new season on @comedycentral tomorrow, so I figured this would be an excellent moment to make a reaction pic list filled with Broad City goodness. FOUR AND THREE AND TWO AND ONE!
  1. When you realize Broad City season 3 is almost here.
  2. When some asshole tells you to smile.
  3. When someone asks you what rules you live by.
  4. When you try to convince a friend to join @list.
  5. When you get your salary.
  6. When someone won't stop talking about something insignificant.
  7. When your friend is accomplishing great things.
  8. When you're so proud of your friend that you're getting emotional.
  9. When your crush finally asks you out.
  10. When they send you a nude, but you're not really sure what you're looking at.
  11. When someone says they respect you, and you respect that.
  12. When you can't contain your excitement.
  13. When a man tells you to calm down.
  14. When you've had a long, hard day.
  15. When he asks for a selfie.
  16. When you're always cleaning up your friends' messes, but you love them.
  17. When your best friend compliments you.
  18. When he tells you you look pretty.
  19. When someone crosses you and your best friend.
  20. When your favorite show is struggling in the ratings.
  21. When everyone in the group chat is super excited that Taylor Swift won best album over Kendrick Lamar.
  22. When someone calls you a mom, and you're not.
  23. When someone asks you what your favorite show is about.
  24. When your friend keeps dodging the question if she pegged her crush.
  25. When it's all getting a little too much.
  26. When your friend tells you that she pegged her crush.
  27. When you get the best compliment you've ever been given.
  28. When you need a minute to contain your excitement before you respond.
  29. Just one more minute...
  30. When someone is being impatient while you were on the phone.
  31. When you're sick of sexting and just want the real thing.
  32. When you and your friend play fight.
  33. When someone sends you a great booty pic.
  34. When you need to talk to your mom about the amazing booty pic you just got.
  35. When they compliment your booty pic.
  36. When your friend shows off their new outfit.
  37. When someone asks you why you keep stuff in your vah-yine-yah.
  38. When you're just kidding...
  39. And you really got them good.
    There are more Lincoln reaction pics in my Hannibal Buress reaction pic list that I didn't want to re-use: HANNIBAL BURESS REACTION PICS FOR EVERY OCCASION
  40. When someone asks you for stuff they need, and you have it.
  41. When someone asks you if The Bachelor is your favorite show.
  42. When she asks you where you want it.
  43. When someone is being a wanker.
  44. When you send some killer nudes.
  45. When you're flirting with someone.
  46. When you get bad news.
  47. When you misunderstood something simple.
  48. When your friend wants to be responsible instead of hang out with you.
  49. When your friend gets hideous new glasses.
  50. When you're crushing it.
  51. When you're having a crazy busy day.
  52. When your boss needs to chill.
  53. When you see your friend's emotional tweet, and you want to be there for them, but you also respect their personal space.
  54. When some guy is being an asshole to you.
  55. When your parents keep bothering you about adult responsibilities.
  56. When someone asks your opinion on your otp and you rant for 5 minutes straight.
  57. When you wanna fook.
  58. When a guy asks you if it's okay if he went down on you for 45 minutes.
  59. When you're going to respect his dick later.
  60. When people praise Donald Trump in the group chat.
  61. When your friend says something surprisingly awesome.
  62. When you reluctantly agree.
  63. When your friend asks for advice about her sex life.
  64. When you finally become a US citizen.
  65. When someone won't turn their caps lock off.
  66. When you get a text from an unknown number.
  67. When you're about to get some candy.
  68. When someone showers you with compliments about your appearance, but you don't trust them.
  69. When someone asks you for your opinion on the Republican presidential candidates.
  70. When someone asks you why it took you so long to respond.