Inspired by @k8mcgarry. My birthday is today, October 9th.
  1. Chris O'Dowd
    Actor, used to work in IT. I'm actually most excited about this one.
  2. John Lennon
    Was in a band. Also used to beat women and children, which most people choose to ignore.
  3. Tyler James Williams
    Acts. Used to play Chris Rock, was hated.
  4. Steve McQueen
    Director of Shame and the Oscar-winning 12 Years A Slave. Lives in Amsterdam.
  5. Sharon Osbourne
    Reality TV person.
  6. Guillermo Del Toro
    Directs weird movies that are often quite good.
  7. PJ Harvey
    Makes music with instruments and her voice.
  8. Tony Shaloub
    Acts. Former Monk.
  9. Kenny Tete
    Talented Dutch football/soccer player at my favorite club, Ajax Amsterdam.
  10. Nick Swardson
    Comedian and friend of former funny person Adam Sandler.
  11. Sean Lennon
    Son of a guy with the same birthday who was in a band. Thinks 'mansplaining' is sexist.
  12. Scott Bakula
    Acts. Quantum Leaped a while ago.
  13. Bella Hadid
    Is a model, I believe? I don't really know who she is.
  14. Brandon Routh
    Acts. Is the worst Superman.
  15. David Cameron
    Allegedly stuck his dick in a dead pig's mouth. Also former prime minister of the United Kingdom.
  16. Guiseppe Verdi
    Decomposing composer.