Inspired by @ltoiaivao, @sophiack, and @erikaaa. I my geographical location probably means that I can't work for @ClickHole, but this is my packet anyway.
  1. ARTICLE: This Cat Looks Like A Total Demon, Yet It's Owner Won't Stop Sending Their Friends 'Cute' Pictures Of It
  2. QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Your Email Password Based On These Totally Random Questions About Your Childhood, Pets, And Favorite TV Shows
  3. ARTICLE: This Aunt Thinks You Have Grown Every Time She Sees You, Even Though You Have Been The Same Height For Years
  4. VIDEO: Endearing: The Only Woman Who Still Pokes People On Facebook Tells Her Tragic Story
  5. VIDEO: Watch This Michael Bay Fan Lecture Female Students On Feminism; You Won't Believe How Right He Thinks He Is
  6. ARTICLE: Hero: This Brave TV Producer Casts Muslim Actor In Non-Terrorist Role
  7. ARTICLE: Amazing! This Man Living In His Parents' Basement Finds A Way To Launch Into Anti-Feminist Rant Under Hamster Video On Youtube
  8. LIST: 7 Pieces Of Evidence That Definitively Prove Ted Cruz Isn't The Zodiac Killer, I Swear
    Paid for by Fred Bluz, a totally real person.
  9. QUIZ: This White Man Was Just Accused Of Racism - Can You Guess The Skin Color Of The Imaginary Friend He Is About To Bring Up?
  10. VIDEO: Watch This 3-Second Compilation Of Every Time A Male GOP-Lawmaker Got Women's Health Issues Totally Right
  11. VIDEO: Finally: This 67-Year Old White Man Just Completely Solved Racism By Mentioning Martin Luther King