Could this list BE any longer?
  1. When someone really needs to pivot.
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  2. When your friend keeps yelling "PIVOT!"
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  3. When someone asks how the party is.
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  4. When you really need some time for yourself.
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  5. When your male friend uses "not all men" as an argument.
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  6. When you're fine.
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  7. Seriously, you're fine.
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  8. When someone says something so stupid...
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  9. That you need two pics to properly show how incredulous you are.
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  10. When someone asks for your help.
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  11. When the sexting is getting a little too good.
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  12. When someone did a good job.
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  13. When you show off your accomplishments.
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  14. When two people in the group chats are being dumb.
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  15. When you very casually want to tell your friend that you'd like to date her.
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  16. When your friend's story finally seems to be going somewhere.
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  17. When your pregnant friend tells you how she gave a kid everything because they were so cute.
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  18. When you find out that you're having twins at the last second.
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  19. When your significant other hints that they want to have sex, but you're not feeling it.
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  20. When you just couldn't help yourself.
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  21. When your friend makes a questionable choice.
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  22. When your friend keeps making the same bad joke, and you're sick of it.
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  23. When you're starting to flirt with someone.
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  24. When you really want to kiss a guy, but you don't want to come on too strong.
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  25. When you went to a new tanning salon and you came back way too tan.
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  26. When your friend went to a new tanning salon and they came back way too tan.
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  27. When you get a great surprise.
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  28. When it's really the worst thing you've ever heard.
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  29. When you're totally okay.
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  30. When your friend starts rambling about things you don't understand and you need clarification.
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  31. When you need to make it clear that you don't share food.
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  32. When a guy has tries to make a terrible point about women's rights.
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  33. When you're jealous of your friend's confidence.
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  34. When your friend lies about having plans.
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  35. When your friend starts talking about obscure self-defense methods.
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  36. When your friend starts talking about obscure self-defense methods, and they need to be mocked.
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  37. When you're having a terrible day (1/3).
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  38. When you're having a terrible day (2/3).
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  39. When you're having a terrible day (3/3).
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  40. When you're not thinking about much.
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  41. When you suddenly realize that your friend may be Santa Claus.
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  42. When you get an unsolicited dick pic.
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  43. When you need to apologize for acting like a baby.
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  44. When your friend apologizes for acting like a baby.
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  45. When your paleontologist friend claims that a PhD is just as good as an MD.
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  46. When your someone is expressing some antiquated views about social media.
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  47. When your friend sends you a food pic and it looks so good.
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  48. When you need to make a holiday toast (1/2).
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  49. When you need to make a holiday toast (2/2).
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  50. When you're here to save Christmas.
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  51. When you best friend is getting married before you.
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  52. When you're sexting, but staying polite.
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  53. When someone teases you like a child.
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  54. When you make very bad decisions.
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  55. When you lay out your perfect weekend plans.
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  56. When someone is being needlessly mean.
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  57. When it's actually not bad.
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  58. When your friend says something gross.
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  59. When you smell a fart.
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  60. When you've made your new year's resolutions.
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  61. When someone brings up your celebrity crush and you're trying to be cool about it.
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  62. When your friend talks smack about your dating life.
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  63. When you're not even sorry.
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  64. When someone is being a dick.
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  65. When your friend rudely orders pizza without you.
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  66. When you're not thrilled about turning 30.
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  67. When you're having some fun with yourself.
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  68. When your friend scared you, but not really.
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  69. When you got your friend good.
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  70. When you want to mock your friend and be supportive at the same time.
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  71. When you have to pretend not to know something.
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  72. When someone asks you where you've been.
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  73. When someone keeps trying to one-up you.
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  74. When you're surprised and dramatic.
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  75. When someone has a terrible name.
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  76. When you check your child's diaper and find a code brown or worse, a Shitastrophe™
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    Suggested by @BWN_7
  77. When you can't understand why your paste pants aren't working out
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    Suggested by @BWN_7
  78. When your friends and/or family have overstayed their welcome and need to GTFO
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    Suggested by @BWN_7
  79. When you haven't received confirmation on plans.
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    Giant poking device.
    Suggested by @jaidub
  80. When you need to get away from that douchehat guy at the party with your name in tact
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    Suggested by @kate81
  81. When you need something classy to say instead of "let's have sex"
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    Suggested by @kate81