Since the premiere date for the revival (Nov. 25th) was announced yesterday, this seemed like a good time to finally make this one.
  1. When a Bernie Bro dramatically anounces they're going to tell you who they're voting for in November.
  2. When you need to shut down a fuckboy.
  3. When you're having trouble staying awake in the morning.
  4. When you watch the Republican National Convention.
  5. When you don't want to tell people you're having a bad day, so you over-compensate in the other direction.
  6. When you're talking about your menstrual cycle with a guy and he can't handle it because he's an idiot.
  7. When someone makes fun of you for being scared by a spider.
  8. When a conversation is going nowhere.
  9. When you sent someone a pic of you drenched from the rain and they *hilariously* ask if it's raining.
  10. When you find out the release date for the revival.
  11. When you're craving Mexican food.
  12. When you're bonding with someone over a shared hatred of Donald Trump.
  13. When you're really enjoying margarita night.
  14. When you're really into parades.
  15. When you really are a flexible person. Like, for real.
  16. When you tried to sext someone, but it's clearly not working.
  17. When someone tries to set you up.
  18. When you get such an amazing nude that it actually makes you drool.
  19. When you sarcastically try to explain the Bechdel Test.
  20. When the group chat needs to calm down.
  21. When the world's least interesting person hits on you with the most overused pickup lines.
  22. When a Bernie or Bust person won't shut up.
  23. When someone you don't like says they're on your side.
  24. When you have a ridiculous amount of work to do, so you have to work on your priorities.
  25. When interacting with humans isn't your thing.
  26. When you work at an insurance company and someone asks you what you do exactly.
  27. When you're in trouble and you're not too proud to admit that you could really use your mom right now.
  28. When you and your friend are miserable at a party.
  29. When a low-level Pidgey keeps escaping from your Pokéballs.
  30. When someone is being annoying during a discussion in a group chat.
  31. When the person you're dating sends you something because it made them think of you, and they're spot on.
  32. When you and your friend had a rough day and need a laugh.
  33. When your friend had a rough day and wants to hear a joke, but you can't come up with much because you're exhausted.
  34. When you liked your friend's joke.
  35. When someone wants to date you because they think there's a mutual attraction, but you're not really feeling it.
  36. When your significant other wants to go to sleep, but you're not done talking yet.
  37. When your friend goes on an anti-Trump rant.
  38. When someone won't shut up about poodles and you couldn't give a shit.
  39. When someone asks you why you and your mom watch The Donna Reed Show.
  40. When someone doesn't understand why you drink so much coffee every day.
  41. When you're about to shower and some white fuckboy asks "mind if I join you?"
  42. When someone asks you for exercise advice.
  43. When you want to subtly let your friend know that you need a drink.
  44. When your love life isn't going as well as you had hoped.
  45. When your friend insists her boobs are smaller than yours.
  46. When a friend you're planning to hang out with keeps postponing.
  47. When your friend shows off a new outfit, and it's actually hideous.
  48. When your OTP breaks up.
  49. When someone only talks about themself.
  50. When someone texts you "guess what?"
  51. When it's finals season.
  52. When you finally get wifi.
  53. When someone is messing with you and you're trying to narrow down who it could be.
  54. When someone is acting a little too high and mighty.
  55. When you make a suicide pact.
  56. When someone is being too clingy.
  57. When someone is sucking the life out of you.
  58. When you're debating whether to send someone a butt pic.
  59. When someone is taking a ridiculously long time to text you back.
  60. When people are being the worst today.
  61. When you receive a surprisingly good nude.
  62. When someone asks you why you're not very active on Facebook.
  63. When you're trying to have a serious talk with someone and they keep making bad jokes.
  64. When you feel like you need to defend your love for Steve Bucemi and Paul Giamatti.
  65. When you feel like pushing your nephew into a lake.
  66. When Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in the polls.
  67. When someone won't shut up about how amazing Kerouac is.
  68. When someone asks you why you don't like going to movie theaters during the day.
  69. When you're the absolute worst.