This is my most profane list yet, but you probably already figured that out when you saw the title.
  1. When someone is not paying attention to what you're saying.
  2. When someone is being a little fucker again.
  3. When things aren't going your way.
  4. When something says the dumbest thing you've ever heard and you don't have the energy to go into it.
  5. When she sends you a picture of her boob.
  6. When you can't take it anymore.
  7. When people just. Won't. Get. It.
  8. When you have no idea what's going on anymore.
  9. When you're sick of everyone in the group chat.
  10. When your friend keeps asking you questions about a recipe, and you're sick of it.
  11. When someone can't even play the cymbals.
  12. When someone is being a fucking donkey.
  13. When your male friend makes a horribly sexist comment.
  14. When some fuckface doesn't respond to your texts.
  15. When your coworker has done a terrible job.
  16. When you want to sarcastically compliment the coworker who did a terrible job.
  17. When you take a really good butt pic.
  18. When you're ecstatic.
  19. When you're about to lose it.
  20. When someone needs to fuck off.
  21. When your friend shows off their new place, and you're not impressed.
  22. When someone needs to get their shit together.
  23. When your grandma asks you what 'WTF' means.
  24. When someone is being a little too abrasive.
  25. When the person you worked on a project with, who barely did anything, criticizes all your work right before the deadline.
  26. When you just really, really... (1/2)
  27. ... Don't believe in someone. (2/2)
  28. When someone is being a fucking donut.
  29. When someone is being a shit sandwich, and you want them to say it themselves.
  30. When you already know that tomorrow... (1/2)
  31. Is going to be a hard day. (2/2)
  32. When someone is being a fucking disgrace.
  33. When you don't mean to curse so much... (1/2)
  34. But your donkey coworkers just bring it out in you. (2/2)
  35. When someone talks shit about your favorite show.
  36. When your friend only mentions the most bland white guys as their celebrity crushes.
  37. When your friend talks about their love life.
  38. When your friend makes a joke that's in poor taste.
  39. When you're stunned.
  40. When two people ask you to work with them... (1/2)
  41. And they're both crap. (2/2)
  42. When you like someone's lipstick.
  43. When you get the most unflattering dick pic you've ever seen.
  44. When your coworker proudly shows off their work, and it's fucking piss cream.
  45. When your friend is being pathetic.
  46. When your friend proposes something ridiculous.
  47. When your friend jokes about voting for Donald Trump.
  48. When you want to be left alone.
  49. When you're just curious about someone's meatball capacity.
  50. When someone shows you a photo of their laser tag team.
  51. When your dad states the obvious.
  52. When someone can't stop talking.
  53. When your favorite artist finally drops their new album.
  54. When someone makes no sense.
  55. When your uncle finally realizes that voting for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be the worst thing he could do.
  56. When something unfortunate happens.
  57. When your coworkers keep messing around on their phones instead of working.
  58. When your friend starts dating the dumbest guy you know.
  59. When you told a 'friend' something in confidence, and they told other people about it.
  60. When the sexting is getting really good.