He is one of the best stand-up comics out there right now. His new special 'Comedy Camisado' will be out on Netflix on February 5th. Here's a little something to get you (even more) excited.
  1. When you are crushing it. (1/3)
  2. When you are crushing it. (2/3)
  3. When you are crushing it. (3/3)
  4. When someone asks you why you don't put a napkin on your lap when you eat.
  5. When you receive a picture of a puppy.
  6. When you would love to have that puppy.
  7. When you're just kidding... (1/2)
  8. And your joke was amazing. (2/2)
  9. When someone asks you what you think of Hannibal Buress' new special.
  10. When your friend tells you about something unfortunate that happened to them.
  11. When you're fucked.
  12. When you usually protect, but today you're serving.
  13. When you're living that goat life.
  14. When you got so worried that you baked a whole cake.
  15. And then you ate the whole cake.
  16. When your friend accuses you of only eating garbage food.
  17. When you want to remind your friend that safety is the most important thing.
  18. When your friend is on a boat at sea, and asks you if it would be okay if they recreated the 'king of the world' scene from Titanic.
  19. When someone is telling you a boring story.
  20. When someone tells you they're dying, and you want the conversation to get real.
  21. When someone asks you what kind of pretzel you like best.
  22. When your friend has a terrible idea.
  23. When you just really miss Amy Winehouse.
  24. When you recommend someone Childish Gambino's music, but they have no idea who you're talking about.
  25. When you recommend someone your favorite television show on television.
  26. When someone asks you if you love your job, but it's really all about the money and connections for you.
  27. When a friend who never has plans suddenly tells you they have plans.
  28. When want to ask your friend what they're going to do...
  29. In general.
  30. When she tells you she's gonna respect your dick later.
  31. When you're doing something for the greater good.
  32. When your friends talk about how their ancestors all arrived at Ellis Island, and yours... didn't.
  33. When you want to tell someone they're dumb, but you don't want to be too blunt about it.
  34. When things are getting heated in the group chat.
  35. When you disagree.
  36. When someone asks you about your weekend plans.
  37. When your friend asks you for relationship advice.
  38. When they then ask: "But what if you/she gets pregnant?"
  39. When your nephew tells you they want to play butcher shop.
  40. When you're completely mesmerized.
  41. When some lame person starts using a cool phrase you use all the time, and ruin it for you.
  42. When someone asks you if you're excited about the discovery of the titanosaur.
  43. When someone says something very confusing.
  44. When someone needs to calm down.
  45. When someone asks if you're doing anything right now, and you're not.
  46. When your girlfriend sends you a picture of one of her friend with clown-like make up, and you can't even tell who it is.
  47. When your girlfriend shows you a picture of her friend with clown-like make up on, and asks you "doesn't she look gorgeous?" after you already said she doesn't.
  48. When someone keeps spamming you while you're on the phone.
  49. When someone is going crazy over a game that's really not that intense.
  50. When someone is being a little stand-offish.
  51. When someone is being vague.
  52. When your friend makes an amazing joke, and you're going to steal it.
  53. When a friend wants you to look at something, but you're too hungover.
  54. When someone says that you must know something, and you know they're basing that on a stereotype.
  55. When your friend asks you what you want to have for dinner, and you're a cannibal.
  56. When you have some life advice for your friend who needs to get their shit together.
  57. When someone asks you if you'd like a cookie.
  58. When you'll be right back.