Fair warning: this list is amahzing.
  1. When someone sends you a picture of a baby animal.
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  2. When a fight breaks out in the group chat.
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  3. When you're having some amahzing pizza and the group chat needs to know.
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  4. When someone tells you you're being judgemental.
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  5. When your friend Max needs to hold his horses.
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  6. When someone tells you to hold your horses.
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  7. When someone insults you.
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  8. When you need some attention in a group chat.
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  9. When you've been on a terrible date.
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  10. When you're really feeling it.
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  11. When your significant wants you to come over to take a nap together.
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  12. When you're really excited.
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  13. When someone judges you for watching too many TV shows.
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  14. When you need to make it clear that you are in fact homosexual. Super gay.
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  15. When you've won.
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  16. When your friend asks you if rap and hiphop are the same.
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  17. When you're giving your friend some advice, and you know it's horrible advice.
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  18. When you're intrigued.
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  19. When you like something and just know it's because of you.
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  20. When you're emotional, and you don't want to hide it.
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  21. When you go to your friend's couples game night even though you're single and not invited.
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  22. When your friend wants to set you up with Jeff, who's a scrub.
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  23. When you don't want no scrub.
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  24. When you're not controlling, but just aggressively helpful.
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  25. When someone likes everything you post on every social media platform within 1 minute.
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  26. When you casually ask your friend whether they think he thinks about you.
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  27. When you really are living the life.
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  28. When it's winter and you're eating honey.
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  29. When you've finally figured out how to give amahzing gifts.
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  30. When you truly nailed it this time around.
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  31. When you're incredulous.
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  32. When your friend says you're getting a bit too hipster.
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  33. When you're over it.
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  34. When you're speechless.
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  35. When you need guidance from a higher power.
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  36. When you're proud of your huge steak sandwich.
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  37. When you're mad horny, son.
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  38. When you're about to snap.
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  39. When you're smelling some racism in the air.
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  40. When you really want a dick pic.
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  41. When you need to know her vag number.
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  42. When your vag number is 1.
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  43. When she says her vag number is 1, and she's definitely right about that.
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  44. When you've taken your friend's TV.
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  45. When you've taken their remote, too.
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  46. When you and your significant other are total bosses.
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  47. When you're psyched with your lil' piggy.
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  48. When someone asks you if you're tough.
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  49. When you're fighting, but it's actually getting pretty hot.
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  50. When your friend does something magical.
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  51. When someone asks you if you drink a lot on Halloween.
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  52. When someone can go suck a million.
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  53. When someone needs to stop talking right now.
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  54. When someone is being homophobic and racist at the same time.
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  55. When he did.
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  56. When your friend sends you a selfie that looks a little bit too good.
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  57. When you and your friend celebrate how easy you are...
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  58. ... On the eyes.
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  59. When your friend does something out of character.
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  60. When you want your friend Penny to shut while you keep thinking about penises.
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  61. When someone says they don't own a television.
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  62. When she calls you at 5:30 am.
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  63. When he calls you at 5:30 am.
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  64. When your friend gets cheated on by some asshole.
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  65. When you died for two minutes in the ambulance.
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  66. When she sends you some high quality nudes.
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  67. When you stop pretending to be pregnant.
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  68. When someone asks you why your mom is in the hospital.
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  69. When someone is being gross. Just gross.
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  70. When you suspect your friend is on the same page.
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  71. When your white friend Penny is being judgemental.
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  72. When your friend nails it.
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  73. When your friend says something scientifically ignorant.
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  74. When something sukes.
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  75. When someone keeps bothering you while you're eating.
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  76. When you realize that you speak fluent Italian when you're drunk.
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  77. When they're not sure if they want to hook up, so you need to give them an ultimatum.
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  78. When you're a bit shocked.
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  79. When your friend may be getting emotional.
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  80. When you're feeling shagadelic, baby.
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  81. When you agree.
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