Fair warning: this list is amahzing.
  1. When someone sends you a picture of a baby animal.
  2. When a fight breaks out in the group chat.
  3. When you're having some amahzing pizza and the group chat needs to know.
  4. When someone tells you you're being judgemental.
  5. When your friend Max needs to hold his horses.
  6. When someone tells you to hold your horses.
  7. When someone insults you.
  8. When you need some attention in a group chat.
  9. When you've been on a terrible date.
  10. When you're really feeling it.
  11. When your significant wants you to come over to take a nap together.
  12. When you're really excited.
  13. When someone judges you for watching too many TV shows.
  14. When you need to make it clear that you are in fact homosexual. Super gay.
  15. When you've won.
  16. When your friend asks you if rap and hiphop are the same.
  17. When you're giving your friend some advice, and you know it's horrible advice.
  18. When you're intrigued.
  19. When you like something and just know it's because of you.
  20. When you're emotional, and you don't want to hide it.
  21. When you go to your friend's couples game night even though you're single and not invited.
  22. When your friend wants to set you up with Jeff, who's a scrub.
  23. When you don't want no scrub.
  24. When you're not controlling, but just aggressively helpful.
  25. When someone likes everything you post on every social media platform within 1 minute.
  26. When you casually ask your friend whether they think he thinks about you.
  27. When you really are living the life.
  28. When it's winter and you're eating honey.
  29. When you've finally figured out how to give amahzing gifts.
  30. When you truly nailed it this time around.
  31. When you're incredulous.
  32. When your friend says you're getting a bit too hipster.
  33. When you're over it.
  34. When you're speechless.
  35. When you need guidance from a higher power.
  36. When you're proud of your huge steak sandwich.
  37. When you're mad horny, son.
  38. When you're about to snap.
  39. When you're smelling some racism in the air.
  40. When you really want a dick pic.
  41. When you need to know her vag number.
  42. When your vag number is 1.
  43. When she says her vag number is 1, and she's definitely right about that.
  44. When you've taken your friend's TV.
  45. When you've taken their remote, too.
  46. When you and your significant other are total bosses.
  47. When you're psyched with your lil' piggy.
  48. When someone asks you if you're tough.
  49. When you're fighting, but it's actually getting pretty hot.
  50. When your friend does something magical.
  51. When someone asks you if you drink a lot on Halloween.
  52. When someone can go suck a million.
  53. When someone needs to stop talking right now.
  54. When someone is being homophobic and racist at the same time.
  55. When he did.
  56. When your friend sends you a selfie that looks a little bit too good.
  57. When you and your friend celebrate how easy you are...
  58. ... On the eyes.
  59. When your friend does something out of character.
  60. When you want your friend Penny to shut while you keep thinking about penises.
  61. When someone says they don't own a television.
  62. When she calls you at 5:30 am.
  63. When he calls you at 5:30 am.
  64. When your friend gets cheated on by some asshole.
  65. When you died for two minutes in the ambulance.
  66. When she sends you some high quality nudes.
  67. When you stop pretending to be pregnant.
  68. When someone asks you why your mom is in the hospital.
  69. When someone is being gross. Just gross.
  70. When you suspect your friend is on the same page.
  71. When your white friend Penny is being judgemental.
  72. When your friend nails it.
  73. When your friend says something scientifically ignorant.
  74. When something sukes.
  75. When someone keeps bothering you while you're eating.
  76. When you realize that you speak fluent Italian when you're drunk.
  77. When they're not sure if they want to hook up, so you need to give them an ultimatum.
  78. When you're a bit shocked.
  79. When your friend may be getting emotional.
  80. When you're feeling shagadelic, baby.
  81. When you agree.