It was about time I did another one of these. Unfortunately Key & Peele ended last year, after an amazing 5-season run filled with countless gems. On April 29th their first movie Keanu comes out, and it looks amazing. Check out the trailer here:
  1. When you just dissed the entire United States of America good.
  2. When your parents want to see some pictures on your phone and you realize you have some nudes on your photo roll.
  3. When you're trying to sext, but aren't as good at it as you might think.
  4. When just saying 'nice' simply won't cut it.
  5. When your friend shows off a new outfit and it looks very 70s, but in a good way.
  6. When your favorite show is about to come back from hiatus.
  7. When you need to thank someone in a very clearly sarcastic manner.
  8. When someone asks you for a favor and you can do it, no doubt.
  9. When your friend tells you they're getting back together with their ex, and you don't think it's a good idea.
  10. When you're having the best meal and you need people to know.
    Preferably a continental breakfast.
  11. When someone is talking shit about Liam Neesons and you're not about to let that happen.
  12. When Game of Thrones kills off yet another one of your favorite characters.
  13. When someone is trying to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle.
  14. When your friend is being a fool, and it's killing you.
  15. When Aaron fucks up.
  16. When your friend Jacqueline is on thin ice.
  17. When your friend Blake is about to take things too far.
  18. When someone finally admits they were wrong.
  19. When someone makes a ridiculously sexist joke.
  20. When your friend just won't stop annoying you.
  21. When someone asks you who your favorite football players are.
  22. When your friend starts dating someone you know is terrible, but you're trying to be excited for them.
  23. When you start texting someone while on the toilet.
  24. When that pee is just soooo good.
  25. When you get tickets for the new Sandra Bullocksies movie.
  26. When you just dropped a truth bomb on someone.
  27. When you get anxiety from talking on the phone, and you suddenly get a call.
  28. When you're working on a group project and you know you're carrying all the weight yourself to get something done.
  29. When it turns out that you passed an exam you were sure you were going to fail.
  30. When you need to educate your male friend about female anatomy.
  31. When Satan keeps bugging you.
    Not today, Satan.
  32. When someone keeps asking you about stuff that should be obvious.
  33. When someone keeps talking way too loud inside.
  34. When you're going to a retro party and you cannot wait.
  35. When your friend proudly shows off his new tiny mustache, and asks you why you don't like it.
  36. When you step in to save the day.
  37. When someone you're flirting with asks you how your bed is.
  38. When the person you're flirting with tells you about how comfy their bed is.
  39. When they ask if they could come over to test it.
  40. When it's a pretty good bed indeed.
  41. When someone is being a dickhead. A stupid dickhead.
  42. When your friend asks you about something you thought was a secret.
  43. When you get a really good nude.
  44. When you stole something from your sister.
  45. When someone makes a good joke.
  46. When you're trying to make plans with a friend, but they're being evasive.
  47. When you're making plans with someone, and you take your time answering, and they impatiently ask you if you even want to hang out.
  48. When it really doesn't matter to you what kind of plans you're making.
  49. When your friend's hostile indifference is really pissing you off.
  50. When someone drops a name in a conversation and you have no idea who they're talking about.
  51. When you're brainstorming new super heroes, but they're not that great.
  52. When you're rolling with it anyway.
  53. When you need to educate your older relatives about gay marriage.
  54. When you want to make a point about consumerism, but aren't completely sure what it is.
  55. When your friend keeps slapping your ass, and it really needs to end.
  56. When your president is killing it.
  57. When a conservative is talking shit about President Obama, and you want to stay polite.
  58. When someone tells you they think Donald Trump does make a few good points.
  59. When you just want to masturbate and play video games.
  60. When someone asks you about how your salary negotiations with your boss went.
  61. When you just can't believe it.
  62. When you're at a retirement community and everyone around you is being racist.