As you may have noticed, America has an election coming up, and, of course, it's getting a lot of attention on late night talkshows. It is something I very much enjoy. This is my attempt at ranking who does this best, with examples.
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    The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
    Is Jimmy Fallon an outspoken political comedian? No. Is he a host who asks his guests probing questions? Absolutely not. Before last week he had a few somewhat amusing sketches about the election (like this one with Aziz Ansari: ). Nothing spectacular, but fine for a show like this. Then, however, Fallon went on to attempt to humanize and legitimize a racist demagogue. Rightful backlash ensued. Big mistake.
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    The Late Late Show with James Corden
    Not much of a political show. Corden's biggest contribution is his Carpool Karaoke outing with Michelle Obama, which is enough to outrank Fallon on this list:
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    Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    Kimmel is a bit of an acquired taste, I suppose. He has had multiple candidates on his show, and didn't treat them with kid gloves. That said, the rest of his election coverage has been fairly superficial and mostly just reserved for some monologue jokes. The election-related editions of Lie Witness News are fun, though:
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    The Eric Andre Show
    Also not much of a political show, of course. Also recorded quite a while ago. However, Eric André's visits to the RNC and DNC were plenty good enough to land him a spot on this list (especially the RNC one). RNC: DNC:
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    Conan doesn't do a ton of political comedy, but he does enjoy mocking Donald Trump is his own way. Nothing too in-depth, but definitely funny:
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    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah gets too much shit. He has grown a lot since taking over the show about a year ago. Succeeding Jon Stewart is an impossible task, let alone in an election year. However, Noah has held his own, with some help from the Best F#@king News Team. Take this piece, for instance, where Noah goes after Matt Lauer: - And you also shouldn't miss this Jordan Klepper field piece about Trump supporters:
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    Real Time with Bill Maher
    I don't agree with everything Maher stands for. Especially his stance on Islam is problematic. That said, this show does bring interesting and fiery political discussions about important issues on a weekly basis. The people on Maher's panel are usually well informed, and often represent both liberal and conservative values. Check out his piece on why Hillary should run as the 'Notorious HRC':
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    The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
    Gone way too soon. Wilmore's election coverage (AKA "The UnBlackening") was very solid, and often came with a perspective that was different from other late night shows, as the show gave a voice to and was made by people of color. I can't believe Comedy Central canceled this show before the election. Check out this clip from the time Wilmore met up with black Trump supporters to ask
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    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    Colbert has been criticized quite a bit since taking over The Late Show. Though I obviously see that this show is not as sharp as The Colbert Report was, I still really enjoy watching him. He still pays a lot of attention to the world of politics, which I like, and he was especially on fire in his RNC and DNC coverage. Yesterday he also went all out against Trump's birtherism press conference from last Friday:
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    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    John Oliver refused to talk about Trump for a long time, but when he started, people sure noticed. His takedowns of Trump himself and his border wall plans are magnificent. Watch them here: (#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain) and here: (Border Wall)
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    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
    I love this show so much. Samantha Bee has been an incredible and necessary addition to late night tv. The show is sharp, hilarious, and takes no prisoners. Check out her reaction to NBC giving Trump a podium in their top entertainment shows from last night here: - and while you're at it, check out this excellent field piece on the Black Lives Matter movement from the RNC:
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    Late Night with Seth Meyers
    Highly underrated as a late night host. Seth Meyers has been absolutely killing it in his election coverage on a weekly basis. Often multiple times a week. Especially in his "A Closer Look" segments, in which he takes a more in-depth look at issues. I'm working on a list with his best ones, but here's the one from last night, on birtherism, in which Meyers tears Donald Trump a new asshole: