Thank you for the request, @TQ. This is all 100% factually accurate, no need to look it up.
  1. Gravity
    The gravitational pull is ten times stronger in Finland than the rest of the earth. Because of this, no Finnish person has ever been able to jump in the air. Fun fact: the gravitational pull of the earth is actually five times weaker than the rest of the planet in the most northern region of Finland (a part of Lapland). This is where Santa lives and what allows his sleigh to take off.
  2. Magnetism
    Magnets do not work in Finland. This doesn't even stop there. Magnetic personalities also do not exist in the country of Finland. If you have one and travel to Finland, beware: you will lose it, and change into someone with the demeanor of a 71-year old member of your mother's book club.
  3. Reflection
    Mirrors do not work in Finland. People get dressed and do their hair and/or make-up in pairs, because they need someone there to describe to them what they look like.
  4. Gas
    Gas does not fill the entire space in which it is contained in Finland. This allows the Fins to aim their farts with deadly precision.
  5. Heat
    There is no such thing as heat in Finland. Everything is cold and chilly at best. The movie "The Heat," starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, is called "The Room-Temperature" there, just to make it slightly more realistic for the Finnish audience.