Is there any better way to start the new year than with puppy pics? I didn't think so. Toby 2016.
  1. Extra tiny. The first time we met.
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  2. Strike a pose.
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  3. Backyard gym sesh
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  4. Wait for it...
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  5. ... Run like the wind!
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  6. Taking him home for the first time.
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  7. He still gets that little pluck on top of his head sometimes.
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  8. Cuteness overload
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  9. Chillin' in the backyard.
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  10. Puppy overload
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  11. Upside down
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  12. Judging you.
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  13. Sneak attack on my grandma's scarf.
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  14. Exhausted
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  15. Don't mind me, just pulling your string.
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  16. One of his favorite spots, until he got too big.
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  17. Hi.
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  18. Exploring the garden.
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  19. He caught a duck.
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  20. 🐶
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  21. Sleeping with his brothers and sisters.
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  22. Oh, hello
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  23. Cuddling with my brother.
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  24. Playing
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  25. Eating some puppy porridge.
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  26. Big yawn
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  28. He tried to kiss me on the first date.
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  29. Well, that was awkward.
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  30. "Let's just take a picture instead." "Okay..."
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  31. Down low
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  32. "I'll just lie down here for a sec, if that's okay."
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  33. "Do I really have to?"
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