Richard Ayoade is a British director, actor, writer, comedian, TV host, professional quizzer, and delightful human being.
  1. He played Maurice Moss on The IT Crowd.
  2. He actually swears the way Moss does.
  3. He directed the fantastic movie 'Submarine.'
    You should watch it.
  4. He also directed the dark and intriguing 'The Double.'
  5. He directed an amazing episode of Community.
    S02E19: 'Critical Film Studies' AKA The 'My Dinner with Andre' episode.
  6. He is the king of British panel shows.
    A selection of shows he has been on as either panelist or host: Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Was It Something I Said?, The Big Fat Quiz, A League of Their Own.
  7. Especially his appearances on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year are a thing of beauty.
    Especially when he is paired with Noel Fielding. Check out the latest edition, The Big Fat Quiz of Everything, with Richard and Noel, but also Chelsea Peretti, Jack Whitehall, Mel Giedroyc, and Jonathan Ross:
  8. On which he examined Robin Thicke's date rape anthem 'Blurred Lines' like this (1/3):
  9. (2/3)
  10. (3/3)
  11. He described Meghan Trainor's 'All About the Bass' like this:
  12. He handles questions about his work in a very unique and very Richard Ayoade way. (1/2)
  13. Welcome to the niche corner. (2/2)
  14. He confuses people in the best way sometimes, like Spice Girl Mel B on the Big Fat Quiz of 2014. (1/3)
  15. (2/3)
  16. (3/3)
    Watch the whole episode, it's wonderful:
  17. That reminds me of this life lesson from The IT Crowd.
  18. He also speaks his mind when he's uncomfortable.
  19. He phrases it quite beautifully.
    This happened on The Graham Norton Show, when Cameron Diaz started talking about pubic hair. I highly recommend watching the clip:
  20. He handles questions about his heritage like this (1/2):
    He is half Norwegian and half Nigerian.
  21. 👌 (2/2)
  22. He has directed a number of music videos for, among others, Arctic Monkeys, and Vampire Weekend.
    For Arctic Monkeys he directed the videos for 'Fluorescent Adolescent,' 'Crying Lightning,' and 'Cornerstone.' For Vampire Weekend he directed the 'Oxford Comma,' and 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' videos.
  23. He wrote a hilarious and unique book called 'Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey,' in which he interviews a pompous version of himself.
    I am very pleased to own a copy.
  24. In the book he also uses footnotes to provide commentary on his own writing, like he does with the alternative title in the example below... (1/2)
  25. ... For which he needs a second page. (2/2)
    I love this with all my heart.
  26. He is not afraid to speak his mind on Twitter. (1/5)
  27. (2/5)
  28. (3/5)
  29. (4/5)
  30. (5/5)
    As a person who also has hayfever, I relate to this particular rant (and this tweet specifically) on a spiritual level.
  31. He currently hosts a show called Travel Man, on which he takes a funny Brit on a 48-hour city trip.
    In those 48 hours, they attempt to do and see as much as they possibly can, to discover the city and local culture. The second season is currently ongoing. In this season he has spent 48 hours in the following cities with the following people: Vienna/Chris O'Dowd (IT Crowd reunion!), Paris/Mel Giedroyc (Great British Bake Off), Copenhagen/Noel Fielding, and Moscow/Greg Davies. Trailer:
  32. He also hosts the show Gadget Man, on which he explores the world of gadgets and how they can make our lives a lot easier.
    Check out this clip, for instance, in which he goes camping with Stephen Mangan:
  33. Interviews with him are always entertaining and intriguing to watch.
    For instance his interviews with Craig Ferguson ( ), and Krishnan Guru-Murthy ( ).
  34. He is also very relatable.
  35. He is quite straight-forward.
  36. He shares my feelings about fishing trips.
  37. And my feelings about being inside.
  38. He blows people off with incredible eloquence
  39. He does not brag about his intelligence.
  40. He drops truth bombs.
  41. He reacts to gross and uncomfortable things in the best way.
  42. He has two eyes.
  43. In conclusion, Richard Ayoade is a gem of a person who needs to be cherished.