A celebration of the delightful human being that is Stephen Colbert, powered by GIFs.
  1. He is an incredibly classy and intelligent human being.
  2. He openly supports the Black Lives Matter movement.
    He interviewed activist DeRay McKesson about the movement and white privilege on The Late Show ( ), and visibly wore a #BlackLivesMatter bracelet on the show as well.
  3. He convincingly played a megalomaniacal right-wing super patriot character for 10 years.
  4. His knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkien's work is unparallelled. But don't take my word for it:
  5. Take Peter Jackson's word for it:
  6. He is King Geek.
  7. He even made a brief appearance in the first Hobbit film.
  8. He has been challenged by guests to a Tolkien-off several times.
  9. But he remains undefeated.
    Check out his two Tolkien Showdowns with James Franco, in which Franco 'gets smoked like a ham':
  10. He loves his country.
  11. He's an excellent dancer.
  12. A versatile one at that.
  13. Look at that twirl.
  14. He does a mean Gangnam Style, too.
  15. He can sing, too.
  16. He's very politically savvy.
  17. He is a gifted actor.
  18. He set up his own Super PAC to show how the campaign finance system in America works after Citizens United.
    This amazing feat worked so well, that it turned out to be more effective in teaching viewers about campaign finance than cable news ( The 'Colbert Super PAC' and the special PAC (501(c)(4)) that doesn't have to disclose its donors, 'Colbert Super PAC SHH,' raised $773,704.03, which Stephen split and donated to 6 charities.
  19. All real.
  20. He also thanked a few totally real donors, after he won a Peabody Award for it.
  21. Don't fact check me on this.
  22. Wait, why are you giggling?
  23. His interview with Vice President Joe Biden on The Late Show proved why he is the best interviewer in late night.
  24. Among other things, they discussed Biden's loss of his son, which Stephen could relate to after losing his father and two brothers in a plane crash when he was young.
    It is incredibly moving to watch. In this interview Stephen shows that he can also have an intelligent, serious, and substantial conversation with someone, which is something you'll probably never see from either Jimmys.
  25. He has given us the greatest facepalm the internet has ever seen.
  26. When Daft Punk cancelled on his StePhest ColbChella show at the last minute so they could be secret guests on the VMAs, Stephen spent his whole show ripping them a new pair of assholes.
  27. And then he played a huge montage of him and special guests dancing to 'Get Lucky.'
    It's amazing and you need to watch it right now (om DailyMotion, because the video is no longer available on Comedy Central's website for some reason):
  28. He is best friends with Jon Stewart.
  29. Before Samantha Bee took over the title, he was the longest serving Daily Show correspondent.
  30. He's a very sharp dresser.
  31. He really rocks the old sea captain beard.
  32. He roasted president George W. Bush with surgical precision at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
    He really layed into him in a way that has to be seen to be believed:
  33. He loves animals.
  34. I mean, would someone who hates kittens have one in each hand?
  35. He's a great cook.
  36. He made the fantastic Jon Batiste and Stay Human the Late Show house band.
  37. He goes way back with Steve Carell, and formed quite the dynamic duo with him.
  38. They voiced SNL's TV Funhouse cartoon The Ambiguously Gay Duo.
  39. And they played the hilarious 'Waiters Who Are Nauseated By Food' on The Dana Carvey Show.
    You really should see this:
  40. He gives a mean high-five.
  41. His last interview with President Obama was great.
    POTUS even took over the show for a little bit:
  42. He had his head shaved in solidarity with the US troops he visited.
  43. He was amazing as Father Francis on The Mindy Project
    He definitely made @mindy laugh.
  44. He is a devout Catholic, but doesn't shy away from making jokes about it.
  45. He's a science enthusiast.
  46. He is not afraid to get real with his guests.
  47. Yikes.
  48. He can keep a secret.
  49. Though I haven't seen the show, he's supposed to be great in Strangers With Candy.
  50. He has warm feelings toward his late night competitors.
  51. He's a fine bowler.
  52. He has a knack for dramatic moments.
  53. And enjoys playing them.
  54. He's a charmer.
  55. His opinions are the best.
  56. He loves Star Wars.
  57. But he's not a fan without criticism.
  58. And makes a good point.
  59. His new proclamations should be made into law.
  60. They make a lot of sense.
  61. I couldn't agree more.
  62. He was in an improv group with David Schwimmer in college.
  63. And there is proof.
  64. He does a killer Sarah Palin impression.
  65. This is him imagining how she would endorse other candidates in the presidential race.
  66. Jeb!
  67. Hillary Clinton
  68. Hillary Clinton
  69. Marco Rubio
  70. Herself
  71. And lastly, he's adorable.
  72. Well, if these aren't enough reasons for you to love this man with all your heart, you might be dead inside.