His name is Toby, he's an English Cocker Spaniel, and he's the best.
  1. This one.
  2. Also this one.
  3. Sometimes the sticks he wants to take home are slightly too big for him.
  4. He sleeps with a plush cocker spaniel.
  5. Action shot.
  6. Paint me like one of your French girls.
  7. Not sure what's going on here.
  8. 👀
  9. We dance a mean tango.
  10. A very Dutch setting.
  11. When he was a couple weeks old.
  12. Backyard fun.
  13. Hi.
  14. Such a weirdo.
  15. He likes sitting and lying under the curtain for some reason.
  16. Statuesque.
  17. He sometimes watches other dogs on TV.
  18. Chillin' like a villain.
  19. He likes to howl.
  20. Nosey.
  21. Mid-shake. Yikes.
  22. Rope-pulling.
  23. Spotting somebody outside.
  24. Happy holidays, everybody!